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Jamie files petition opposing removal and states Jodi suggested placing Britney in a 5150 psychiatric hold

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So what Jodi is saying that she was concerned that Jamie’s actions (threatening to put Britney in a witness stand) and him continuing to be Britney’s conservator were harming Britney’s mental health. 😀

I’m glad Jamie gave her another opportunity to tell the world what a horrible father he is. 😈

Keep digging Jamie! I’m sure you’ll hit the bottom soon! 😘



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1 hour ago, danny1994 said:

Well Jodi filed court papers herself saying something different. And lying in court papers is a crime. So I think I believe Jodi here.

Looking forward to her response.

Also, usually evidence is included in these types of documents. If you say Jodi sent an email acknowledging the call, why didn't you include it Jamie? Where's the email, show us!!!

RIGHT??  I was shocked the email wasn't included.  

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6 minutes ago, frederiickx said:

No one praise this ***** Jodi either


“Jodi does have concerns about Britney’s recent behavior…”

Translation: Jodi is salty because Britney is exposing her and everyone involved in this human trafficking, financially draining racket and she’s fighting back to regain her freedom! Screw Jodi and everyone else who has a J in their names (LOL!!🤪). Free Britney!

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1 minute ago, KrisJ said:

This woman is freaking me out too. She won’t be removed when Jamie is either right? We are right about her - she’s evil to the core as well

Yeah she is worse than Jamie

 But is hiding it better. I kinda believe Jamie about Jody.

Britney started to act "off" in mid 2018. When Jody became her care manager.

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6 minutes ago, Soso said:



The first part is an opinion - however, I hope the second part is real.

Rosengart requested a hearing any date from 23rd August so it'd be a weird coincidence if Penny had an opening on that first day - love that to be right though.

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2 minutes ago, Easy There said:

Honestly what kind of mental illness could she have. If she is able to world tours,residencies,album cycles,TV show appearances,judge on national TV without ever showing any signs of it (aside of FF era where she was obviously over medicated,but she still held it together like a pro).

Like they can gtfo  with this bs.

Millions of ppl in USA alone live with serious mental illnesses without being stripped of their basic human rights.


At this point I wouldn't mind if he medical records leaked. Or if her illness gets confirmed by her new team.

If a new doc were to look at this they'd no doubt diagnose conservatorship induced cptsd

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1 minute ago, Easy There said:

So Jody is insinuating that Britney is pretty much going trough an episode atm. She is disgusting 

No, Jodi is saying that Jamie is stressing Britney out — which Britney said in her own statements too (“I can’t sleep, I cry every day, etc.”).

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Just now, THE BAJAN VIBE said:

Once again, they try to play with her mental health. Btw, isn't Halsey bipolar? Isn't Halsey able to manage her life and career? That's just an example. So, even IF Britney is in any similar situation, it wouldn't justify the conservatorship. 

Disgusting as always. This tweet tho.


I am continually worried for her safety. 

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another thing, maybe I missed it, but I need Rosengart to point out how this cship isn't even the right type for Britney, since they're all oh so concerned about her mental health. Britney consenting to the psychiatric hold means nothing, because generally, if you don't want the stay to be even longer than it's already going to be, you better consent to it, because you'll be going in anyway. That and everybody knows by now they use her kids against her.

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