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Ava Max: "Sweet But Psycho" brought back pop music

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Ava Max says "Sweet But Psycho" brought back pop music.

Via UpRoxx:


“Even on New Music Friday, at the time, 'Sweet But Psycho' was the only thing like it. It was the only pop song on there. “Sweet But Psycho” brought back pop music, and everybody started doing pop music again. Literally, all these pop artists started becoming more pop, and I think 'Sweet But Psycho' opened the door for that again.” 

Exhale, do we agree? :emma:


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Or how about pop music never went anywhere?

I kinda get what she's saying? but there was already and oversaturation of "pop" right around the time she showed up in the arena. She wasn't ahead of any trend she was just capitalizing on something that was already starting to happen again.

Her sound was def part of the "revival" of 2010s pop sound (along with Rina Sawayama, BTS, other KPop as well is very 2010s)

but claiming to "bring back" 2010s pop sound is so ludicrous when not that much time has passed! 

but I guess everyone is nostalgic for things immediately in this generation. 

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1 hour ago, maki93 said:

I do not think Dua Lipa's latest record was a pop record... And I do agree, when I heard "Sweet by Phycho", I could tell that Ava Max will e bubblegum pop singer (though basic). 

I forgot that Future Nostalgia's genre was avant-garde Mongolian throat singing. :slayde_meme_red_glam_neyde_neydeney_britney:

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11 hours ago, Britneyarmy8 said:


all that it brought back was that one annoying pop song on the radio that plays 24/7 by some 1 hit wonder artist that people always switch the station when it comes on 


The salt here. :orangu_orangutan_ape:

I dislike that song a lot. It was indeed one of the few pop records at the time but I don't think it was revolutionary in any way. 

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