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Looking back on Britney’s 2017 comments about lip syncing

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A lot of people think that I don’t sing live,” Spears said. “Because I’m dancing so much I do have a little bit of playback, but there’s a mixture of my voice and the playback. It really pisses me off because I am busting my *** out there and singing at the same time and nobody ever really gives me credit for it.”


I don’t know about you guys, but I was always perplexed by this. It’s been obvious she’s been lip syncing for years. Do we have any different feelings or theories about this now? Did she not realize her mic was turned off? Was this a dig at her not being allowed to speak/sing freely on stage due to the cship? Does she just not like being painted in a bad light by the media? Something else?

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I think her career was extremely manufactured in the beginning and where she danced and sang with that baby voice, her team pushed playback and lip syncing. We all know since the cship that her brand has been cheapened and her Dad is capable of anything for money. I'm sure the seventeen year old Baby vocals in POM were part of his doing and maybe Britney wasnt fully aware or had control even if she was. The only time she's sung live since the cship has been other artists songs. Sometimes I wonder if Britney is used to playing the "game" though like they had her do earlier in her career. I do know the paps are animals but sometimes I wonder when she claims they change her photos, or she claims to sing live, ect. Who knows. I'm just interested to see her creative standpoint if she decides to continue her career after being free. That will tell a lot!

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It could be that she is singing and we just don't hear it because her mic is low/off, or it could be that she was trying to save face and lied. :alook_meme_down_up_look_see: 


My bet is on the latter :nyheadache_miss_ny_new_york_tiffany_annoyed_head_rub_irritated_red_tired:

I was watching her wango tango performance from way back in the day and something that struck me was how effortful it was for her to sing and dance at the same time. She did a good job, but you can tell her team didn't prepare her whatsoever or help her with strategies on how to give a singing and dance-heavy performance at the same time. The way she sings in her songs in the studio is unnatural most of the time anyway, and there is so much production and sound editing that there is no way she can simply sing live into her headset while dancing and have it sound good. The songs would need to be reworked a bit for the stage, and I think it would be good for her to work with a vocal coach. 

I think if we get another tour or show with her at the helm 100%, and she still lip syncs, then we will know that it was her decision and not just her team or the cship :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe:

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1 hour ago, thedoughboy said:

I remember a thread several years ago somebody made and claimed "maybe they turn her mic off so she can't scream for help (obviously refering to the cship). Everybody in the thread laughed ,but looking back now maybe they were on to something.........lol :idkney_britney_glory_carpool_karaoke_unsure_idk_nervous:

That makes no sense. It was always on during the talking parts.


Also to people saying she didn't know. She got caught seversl times not mimicking the words when she through no one could see her

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2 hours ago, Stannedforever said:

I feel like she's lipsyncin for 3 reasons :boredashell_pink_britney_hmm_blink_well_umm:

  1. Her shows have always been very dance-oriented. Early in her career she would almost always sing live (unless the show required backtrack) but you could tell she was struggling to sing and dance at the same time. But there was other reason too why she was struggling vocally;
  2. Most of her songs are not suitable for her vocal abilities. Not trying to shade, but it's just truth that majority of her songs are either really fast in tempo, or are really straining in other ways (seriously singing womanizer live is exhausting). Britney is brilliant singer and has ability to show raw emotion when she's singing, but she also has pretty poor techniques when it comes to singing. But unsuitable songs could be easily fixed by lowering the key/tempo in live shows or only singing partially alongside with backing track like most pop singers do and bad techniques can be fixed by going to professional vocal coach. And she never sings even her easiest ballads that she used to sing live which leads us to point 3;
  3. Her team forces her to sing with mic off. Either they are too scared that she "can't sing" or that she would suddenly say something they don't want her to say (which would be weird since she did a lot of live speeches between songs in her tours) or it's part of their strategy to do the bare minimum to gain maximum amount of money, since they don't have to make her go in vocal lessons, they don't have to "waste" time in vocal rehearsals, they don't have to record new backing tracks when they can just use album vocals etc. 

Of course there is possibility that it's also Britney's own wish to not sing live, but she used to do live vocals in ballads when she was still in charge so I assume  that this is Team C's wish. :britstare11_britney_ftr_for_the_record_annoyed_tired_irritated_sigh:


She always enjoyed live singing. The circus tour had a lot of Live moments in it as well as a mix of playback, so did the Onyx Hotel tour, DWAD, Oops, BOMT etc.

It all started with FF, even then I’m pretty sure a lot of her singing was live tbh, even though people here swear it was always prerecorded.

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