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31 years ago, Ace of Base then tech noir debuted at a club for their first concert.

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In their Hometown of Gothenburg (Goteburg), Sweden, tech noir later changed to Ace of Base (Ace being the master and their Base being the studio. So in other words since the wrote and produced a lot of their material they dubbed themselves Master of Studio)

The first concert had a member firing he chose to see the rolling stones the same night of the bands first gig, Ulf "Buddha" ekberg a family friend and Dating Jenny Berggren then, Jenny, her brother Jonas known as Joker and their sister Linn with family friend Buddha was about to go on a ride that few swedish acts get to achieve global success, slow..but it would happen as they would be the top global act of 1994, with Happy Nation/ The Sign (US, Canada, Latin America and Japan (Basically Arista records). 


The Sign would be the top album worldwide and in the US, and The title track to the American album would be the top song of 1994, they sold more records than Music Box by Mariah Carey in the US, she had to settle for the second most popular album of 94, and again in 96, with Jagged little pill by Alanis Morissette, Carey's daydream was #2 top seller in the states. 


It definitely seemed in the 90s it was very easier for international acts to break with great record label push and support. 


93 Ace of Base Arista/BMG (Clive turned them down initially but later recanted when he heard All that she wants in vacation in Europe where it was a massive hit, he signed a US contract with their Danish label Mega, good at first, but would turn sour in 98) @Acer

95 Alanis Morrisette Maverick and Madonna made sure this was gonna be the defining album of the 90s it was, album of the year, and The top selling album of the 90s decade in the US with 16 Million copies sold alone in the states.


Spice girls 97 Virgin Records/EMI waiting til 97 so the Spice girls can crack the US was probably the best thing ever, 4 Months to promote and push resulted in girl power conquering the US and Backstreet boys credits them for allowing their breakthrough in their home country, where they were already superstars in Europe as well as NSYNC, so the girls allowed the breakthrough in teen pop and the cultural shift that was extremely necessary to allow Britney spears to actually have the success as the queen of the latest teen pop revival..


However not all international acts was able to crack Through after the Spice girls, despite opening for Britney spears in her first tour, British dance pop group Steps failed to become tomorrow's flavor if the Spice girls was yesterdays flavor as described by the New York times on their review of Step one, and of course S Club 7, y'all watched the TV show every Saturday morning but failed to realize they actually had Music right..


Happy 31 years to the last big Swedish invasion to happen in the US. 

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