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Was Gaga's peak bigger than Britney's?

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In the majority of forums and in stan culture in general, Britney having a bigger peak than Gaga is a consensus. HOWEVER, when you look at figures the opposite is shown. 


- In the height of her career, Stefani managed to bag massive digital sales, "Just Dance" & "Poker Face" set new peaks in that format (both 7M+ US downloads), whereas Spears only got one humongous hit during her 1st LP; ...BOMT's remaining singles landed outside the top 50 of the BH100 Year-End, some didn't even make it. 


- Gaga was dubbed the "New Queen of Pop", her avant-garde artistry was so polished to the point it was compared to the ones of legendary artists as David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Madonna. And Gaga actually amassed accolades for it. Britney on the other hand was seen as a kid/teen artist and wasn't taken seriously by her peers in the music industry. 


- Gaga had the most lucrative tour for an artist on their debut albumStade De France from the Born This Way Ball is a bigger sold out stadium than any Britney tour ever (70,617/70,617). In the United Kingdom, Gaga planned 2 dates at the Twickenham Stadium and grossed $10,714,991 while Britney's Circus Tour "only" made $9,959,306 with 8 dates at The O2 Arena. Etc..

- Britney's albums sold more, yes, but the climate was also much healthier at that time. To compare, "The Fame" was twice in the top 5 best-selling albums of the year (IFPI), and twice in the top 10 yearly biggest albums on Billboard. "Born This Way" was the 3rd best-selling album of 2011, and even "The Fame Monster" which was an EP released limitedly ranked as #13 on Billboard year-ranking.


From these receipts, we can get that Gaga spawned an enormous peak in pretty much every field contrary to Britney, ideed in:

- hitmaker power

- album sales

- fashion icon status

- touring

- media coverage

- acclaim


What do you think? bey2

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Well, this is a very interesting question and when GaGa came with her debut it was huge but in no way her peak was bigger than Britney - Britney was the best selling female artist from 1999-2010, in fact she was only behind Eminem is selling WW! 

Now, GaGa is definitely a great artist with a team where Britney never had that so she never got the light for it - but Britney became a star in one night GaGa didn't - she became famous, people got interested in her (including me) but GaGa peak was very short lived, while Britney struggles also had a huge light as she was once the most famous person on the planet, GaGa still doesn't hold this - a lot of people don't know GaGa while not knowing Britney is still to be found by the older or younger generation also. 

GaGa came under digital time so she sold digitally, Britney came under physical sales and also faced piracy problems and still sold, Britney is known isa read like Pakistan also which GaGa will be lucky to be known! 

GaGa has started to become very irrelevant now, but she is taking up acting roles in which she's good at too! But GaGa had a good peak, but not like Britney by any means GaGa still not global like Brit! Her hits are still heard, while GaGa will take time to achieve this but now her sales are very low compared to before. 

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Gaga is very attention driven and always did what she could to get everybody talking about her

Britney on the other hand always drove a lot of interest even when she wasn’t even tryin

That’s what make imo the difference between a true star and somebody who’s just worked her away into being in the industry

Gaga can sing her *** of, play a ****loads of instruments, do jazz/rock/genericassdatedpop/country, is well aware of fashion, do her best of hope on trends, technically she has everything to end Britney

Yet she didn’t and there’s a comparison between the two when Britney isn’t even trying to compete

She’s effortlessly up there with Gaga, just imagine if Britney tried as hard her

The explanation to all of this is simple, star power. Britney got it, Gaga just tries hard

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No, Britney’s peak lasted from 1999-2008 as she was the most searched female artist for a decade. Gaga was only from 2009-11. Britney also had a massive amount of public interest that went beyond just her music and what she was going to wear. Also, you’re comparing charts/numbers from two very different musical climates. 

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I think they have different effects on culture and I think they both had huge peaks.

ultimately I believe Britney’s was bigger and lasted longer, primarily because I think she was just more famous regardless of success.

i think Gaga was more about the music and her career and influence on culture was more respected. She really helped with lgbtq things, her music was more award winning, she’s had a more diverse career etc.

britney was less taken seriously at her prime, but she was everywhere, in one way or another for a decade. There was no escaping her.

i think they will both be remembered but I think Britney’s life, music and name will be more noted than Gaga’s at the end of the day.


Britney is like Marilyn Monroe. Gaga is like Bette Davis imo. One was more respected in their field, one was more famous.

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Apples and oranges. Britney defined a decade of pop music that was the last of the MTV era. Gaga ushered in the YouTube/digital era. Gaga came in at the perfect time as Britney’s career took the back seat to her social life/conservatorship. Audiences were intrigued by the change of what is was to be a female pop star. Prior to that everyone tried the Britney blueprint and failed to reach her success. Gaga to her credit went a different route to stand out.  If I had to choose, Britney wins out. The fact that Femme Fatale singles went head to head with Gaga’s BTW and did extremely well         ( breaking iTunes records that were later beaten by Gaga)  Gaga was at her peak at that time and Britney was 14 years into her career. Shows massive star power. I also think that if Britney drops an album after the conservatorship it will Blow chromatica sales out of the water and that will just solidify it. 

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