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Olivia Rodrigo comments Britney: "The Britney stuff was just horrific, and I've been following it very closely. I think it's just so awful."

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1 minute ago, ohoney said:

How old is she? She sounds very articulated but at the same time I can tell she's a little innocent and naive about it. The industry hasn't changed, not that I'm trying to be negative but the reality is, the general public is what somehow changed by being more empathic towards mental health and others topic...but the industry? Oh girl...is the same pattern for every woman again and again.

Wait till you get to be ***ualized and then crucified and cancelled by people...every female artist gets that treatment sadly...meanwhile make artists such as Justin Timberlake somehow gets a free pass card.

Anyways, I'm glad she's been following the movement close enough to understand and share her opinion about it, it's good exposure and she seems like a kind girl. :typing_keyboard_computer:

She's 18 I guess, yes she seems smart I mean she writes her own music so of course she's good with words. 

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It wouldn't be surprising that a girl who loves early 00's culture supports the good sis :mimiclap_mariah_clapping_applause_proud_yes_Yas: In her recent interview, she has expressed support for the movement having called it "horrific" on what is happening to her and how the industry prioritizes the success of one over their mental health.

Here it is, in her own words:


You came up through Disney, which has been the path for so many of our biggest pop stars, but we've also seen the conversation around those stars and the treatment of them shift. Right now, for instance, we're in the middle of the Britney Spears conservatorship conversation. Were the challenges she faced something you were aware of and tried to consciously avoid?
- Yeah. The Britney stuff was just horrific, and I've been following it very closely. I think it's just so awful. I think, as an industry, people are getting better at not taking advantage of and manipulating and bullying young women. But it's still so apparent, and I witness that too. Not near at the level that Britney has, obviously. I think that's an important paradigm that I hope that we'll be able to break in the coming generations. I've definitely seen corporate dollars be prioritized over people's mental health. That's always been something that I've been really conscious of in my own career, and I'm really lucky I'm surrounded by people who are conscious of that and conscious of my mental health being the most important thing. You can't make art and have a good career if you're not there.


I saw you also have a photo wearing the “Dump Him” shirt that Britney wore.
- Oh, my gosh. Yes. Me and my best friend, Iris [Apatow], we're obsessed with early-2000s culture. We love Paris Hilton and The Simple Life. We love cool Britney shirts and stuff like that.

Thoughts? Lemme know :send

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6 minutes ago, Blackout2006 said:

U don't know her? :didilie_nicki_lmao_laugh_haha_lol_hehe_cackle_minaj_hat: Stream 'Good 4 U' :gunney:

I think she was part of the High School Musical series, if i'm not mistaken... which i watched the first episode and i thought it was a disgrace and an insult to my childhood :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap: so i've never watched it again and never will :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:

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3 hours ago, SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN said:


What is this mess of a picture aq9Apl8.gifI swear photoshoots these days have become an absolute joke and a slap in the face to what the art represented aq9Apl8.gif

It’s actually really good. Kind of a 90s throwback. Think Steve Madden shoe ads and all the rap videos no album covers shot with a fish lens camera. 

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I guess we're back to that time when every artist was randomly asked about Britney. They did that a lot in 2007/2008. 

Tbh, I don't think Britney likes that at all. I know I wouldn't. Everyone just being force to comment about my life without thinking, most of them has not even a clue of what is really going on! 

Nice words from the girl, though. Nothing against her.

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Britney needs to be the only one talking about her conservatorship at this point, I'll take the support, over people not understanding the laws and how they allowed it to happen..


The female IUD can be and should be dissed by her boyfriend and true feminists other wise, speak like Olivia Rodrigo. 

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