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Jennifer Aniston on stars like Britney: "The media took advantage of that, capitalized on them, and it ultimately cost them their sanity."

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Jennifer Aniston comments on how the media treated Britney in the new issue of In Style.

Aniston shares, “[They were] feeding on young, impressionable girls. Half of these kids started on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’.

“I was lucky enough to be raised by a very strict mother. The priorities were not about becoming a famous person. It was, ‘Study your craft, learn what you’re doing, don’t just go out there and get lucky.’

“I waitressed for years. I got a Bob’s Big Boy commercial on my 900th commercial audition. I was doing theatre on, like, Long Island.

“I think that [Spears’s] group of girls as teens didn’t have any kind of ‘Who am I?’ They were being defined by this outside source. The media took advantage of that, capitalized on them, and it ultimately cost them their sanity. It’s so heartbreaking.”



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Britney's situation runs deeper than the media. Much deeper. Surely she's aware of that... if she's not then she's in a small minority.

And since Britney's two most recent court appearances were HIGHLY publicised EVERYWHERE, she'd need to be living under a rock to not know that Britney's situation is so much more.

However, I guess she was only answering the question put to her. 

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Y’all need to chill tf out.

I think her pointing to her mother identifies Britney’s circle as a problem (in addition to the media problems, which she addresses).

Jen is one of few people who has experienced overexposure, and still not to the degree experienced by Britney. Add to that the fact that Britney was much younger dealing with a lot of her problems.

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6 minutes ago, AjBritFan said:

Wasn't Jennifer liking shady posts on instagram where people made videos spoofing Britneys insta posts a while back? Am I the only kne who remembers this? Lol

I have heard people say she's not nice in real life, plus her being best friends with Ellen is a bit of a flag.

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