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Could Unscripted Britney Get Cancelled

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Britney has said some non PC things over the years and given she at times appears to be stunted and living in the 90s at no fault to her own, given she has been in a Conservatorship and before that was selling millions of albums around the world … 

If Britney was to come back on the scene more unscripted and less on brand … if she says something wrong and offensive … 

Do you think she’ll get backlash, cancellation or be given the benefit of the doubt? 

If you watch in the zone all night special, you see her kind of afraid of drag queens .. and she’s been quoted as saying she likes gays cause they are like girls, Don Philip implied she was homophobic … plus countless other non pc thing she said at a different time in society. I don’t feel like she realizes how much society may have progressed but then again maybe I’m wrong. Even her Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus comments could have been misconstrued…

Nonetheless do you think the public would turn on her for non pc statements

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I wouldn’t be surprised if people try it but it won’t work because A) she’s not homophobic or bigoted and B) The over the top PC “woke” movement seems to be finally dying out. People are tired of this “cancel” culture because it’s bull****. There are certainly people who deserve to be called out and punished and even “cancelled” but it’s become so extreme.

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Ok I get where you're coming from because I also had a similar thought. I would hate it if Britney did something stupid and got called out for it (like for example that tasteless caption on the french maid dress insta post about being better dressed than her maids that ended up getting deleted. And yes I know, we don't know if it was her for sure who wrote that, but it's just an example). But I think on the whole Britney leans towards being unproblematic. She's always supported her LGBTQ fans; as far as we know she hasn't absorbed her family's heinous racist tendencies; and if she ever does something silly it is more likely due to ignorance or misinformation rather than malice. People make mistakes. She's a grown woman and she'll be fine in either case. 

(Side note: I was looking at her insta posts from last year and I was surprised to see she even posted in favor of BLM, which I honestly did not expect from her. I know no one deserves activist brownie points for a single performative insta post but I was expecting her/her team to keep away from political topics, so I was pleasantly surprised. And of course there's that classic "redistribute wealth" post :thirsty_britney_onyx_drink_flirt_drinking_sipping_fan_hot:... in my dreams I burn down capitalism with communistney!!! ) :wink_britney_everytime_white:


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I nowhere think she is homophobic. But I could see even a statement like pu***fied or whatever going down negatively . If Britney spoke how Bryan spoke on that one radio show … it would not be well received. I’m just stating this cause you see so many people pulled apart for small things they said so I wonder if Britney will be given the benefit of the doubt given her situation .nonetheless was not trying to imply Britney was not smart or whatever. This wasn’t in bad faith but oh well 

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1 minute ago, thebritmaster said:

Not people getting upset :hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao: I think it’s a possibility that she could say something non PC. She’s not a media guru like Taylor Swift for example. But they could never successfully cancel her because she is a good person 

exactly. i think it’s a legit question and it crossed my mind many times. i think the cancellation wouldn’t be successful bc as you said she’s a good person and she’s never been problematic on purpose but her situation made her very isolated so it’s natural for her to not understand the level of pc nowadays in the media and in general.

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Britney has never been homophobic, most of her closest friends are gay, in 2006-2007 she was always partying with gay people, she defended same s** marriage at least back to early 2009, she went to Will & Grace in 2006. She also wrote fans really heart felt letters when they told her their coming out story. One of these fan made a thread here. Can someone find it?

Racist? She been dating black man since 2003 :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek: and always been very close and well liked in the black community.


Also, she's past the point of canceling. Madonna says dumb **** all the time.

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