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Songwriter and Producer Joshua Schwartz about his 13+ songs with Britney Spears

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On 8/4/2021 at 12:53 AM, PokemonSpears said:

Yeah, I think the CD is obviously fanmade (not fake, because it did exist, but made and distributed by the fanclub) but the video seems like it was definitely a thing, official or not. There's even an old forum thread I found when searching for it, and the posts are from like 2005-2006 and they're discussing the same, that there was a video for the song in the Philippines back in 2003, and this was way before that clip was uploaded to YouTube.

I did listen to the podcast, and I do understand the part that they need to be notified about those things, but I wonder how much control/reporting there is, especially in places like the Philippines or other markets that are so distant to the US. For example, they mention Anticipating being released as a single in France, yet it was huge in the Philippines too, so it was obviously released there too, at least on radio, and I think I remember people saying it was also released in Brazil (the video).  

I ignore how the releases are managed depending on the area, but a few days ago we had another thread discussing why international releases got different tracklists than the US, and there was this article talking about how each country/region releases the same material through different record labels or subdivisions, and how the later editions usually end up having all these bonus tracks, or extra content, different covers, remixes, etc. According to the podcast, the right thing to do would be that all of this gets notified to the corresponding people, Britney's team and label, the songwriters, producers, etc, but who knows with so many different labels and with so many countries how many times the communication gets lost, or how many liberties they get, like the Apple Music Festival DVD we got in Mexico and other places. 

I hope someday we can get the MYX version of the video though, even if unofficial.


Another similar instance of this that I remember, I don't know if you do, there was a TV version of Scream & Shout, which according to my memories of what fans said, was released by some UK TV channel, that was basically the standard song, but it mixed images from both the original and the remix video (only Britney parts). I can't find it anymore, and I don't know if it was fanmade, but I remember clearly that they claimed that it was for some channel, and I think overall it was a shorter version of the song. With Scream & Shout too, the version they play on VH1 as of this year, repeats the last chorus for some reason, and then we have MTV removing the flashing scenes from PG at the beginning, and so on, so all these little things I don't know if the record label send the videos to TV with those changes, or are decisions the TV channels make on their own. 

As for Anticipating in the Philippines, it definitely charted at least on radio.

Here's an archive of the charts from a radio station in the Capital Region from January 2003.



I couldn't find archives for the months where That's Where You Take Me would've supposedly charted.

As for Myx Charts for Music Videos, the the best I can find are forum posts or facebook posts, none official from Myx itself.

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On 8/3/2021 at 9:56 PM, JamesRodriguez said:

I actually talked about this with Joshua S.  This is just generically speaking, There is a sync fee, when MTV or other channels license the music video a fee is split.  (50/50) half for the label and artist, other half for songwriters.  That's where you take me was never sync'd for a music video.  Joshua acknowledged on the podcast that the song was never given a single or video treatment.  OF course, anyone can make a fan made version of a video or cd single.  But the publishing records do not support the belief that the song was synced for a mv.  Joshua talks about this on the episode, I am just paraphrasing.  


Cool podcast, can't wait for the future episodes on the other songs.

As for That's Where You Take Me (and Anticipating), these definitely aired on Myx in the Philippines. I can believe that these aren't official, but its probable that these were not fanmade but made by the network.

There's no existing footage (yet) of a myx recording of anticipating and that's where you take me.

The closest equivalent we do have a Myx recording of is "Brown Eyes" by Destiny's Child.

A non-single album cut from the early 2000s that was HUGE in the Philippines during the time. I'm only basing of comments for brown eyes too but it seems that this video was put on by Myx itself.

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