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Jon Eardley Letter to Britney BEFORE CONSERVATORSHIP

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The hate that i feel for K-fed .........

Once she is free , she needs to try to do something against that piece of s***,take all his money , get full custody and try to send him to jail.

Plus,  I want that lawyer to get his license back , wow so unfair what they did to him.

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5 hours ago, Britman512 said:

Britney really didn’t stand a chance…


how can we trust Sam after now he would invite the paparazzi over her house and call them tell them where she was… and those same paparazzi took pics that made her look like a crazy mother

sam did not help her at all to look like a good mother, he just made her seem even more crazy 

I feel like Britney is kinda a vulnerable person. Can we all remember she’s only 5’3, and she seems to make friends with the wrong people, she needed someone in her corner looking out for her


She’s 5’5”

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:liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap: I can’t wait till her lawyer digs into how this conservatorship happened in the first place. It must be investigated. 

No wonder Kaplan is out and about doing interviews recently, I hope he is shaking just as the Jeryll’s should be. Karma is coming for them.  :tina_judging_side_eye_glance_staring_looking_red: 

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Wow, reading this is really sad... especially the part about when he says if she is put in a conservatorship, then it will be "too late" for her. He really did care about her and not want to see her get torn apart by all the greedy people in her life. The downtown LA court system really is incredibly corrupt, and Britney can't get these past 13 years back, but she sure as heck doesn't need to lose any more. K-Fed and Kaplan need to be in jail for this :staysalty_hands_rub_so_there_blue_walk_away_made_my_point:

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Wow, this is crazy! But it all came a bit too late. It reads like he genuinely cared and even stated he wanted no publicity or money. Such a shame. The fact he could foresee what was to come, which all happened so suddenly after this.

People seem to overlook Kfed's involvement in all this. It all needs fully investigating. 

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Britney was always surrounded by scum. But the biggest junk is undoubtedly in the courtroom. Because they should have seen through the bad game. For this, the judges are generously rewarded and have extensive powers to pronounce justice. Nothing was ever checked or questioned. In fact, it's a miracle that Britney hasn't completely gone nuts. No one survives such a powerlessness in life.

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This was chilling to read. Makes a deep sadness settle in your bones when you once again think about how sick and twisted these people are. They tortured Britney, took everything away from her and literally destroyed anyone who dared to look her way. Her own family kept threatening and destroying other people's lives left and right and Britney was completely alone because of that. And the court and justice system did nothing, either helped along or looked the other way. It's sick. It makes me unbelievably relieved to know Britney has Rosengart at her side now, because he won't take this **** and we're at a point where they can't try **** like that with him. 13 years of hell, make it end.

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This letter seriously need to be publish everywheeeeeeeeeeeeere! People need to know! The entiere world need to know! It's one of the most important piece in her case! This letter should be read in the opening of FRAMING BRITNEY SPEARS PART. II

It's absolutely insane. Federline didn't care about his sons, he's not a better dad than... You know who... Ew, all these sick men in Britney's life... What a mad world! I don't know how Britney did to handle all of these things...

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On 7/30/2021 at 6:21 PM, Heitorzinho said:

When he says to her that “nothing is wrong with you”… is so sad. 

To hear (or in this case, to read) someone, a stranger, say something that her loved ones should be saying, is so heartbreaking.

I cannot imagine how miserable and hopeless she’s been feeling for so long.


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On 7/31/2021 at 5:49 PM, G-unit said:

I’m confused as to why they disbarred him.  For trying to help Britney?  Did he not have a right to reach out to her or something?

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...But it's unethical for lawyers to reach out to clients, and may be illegal.

At the very least, it's likely against the rules of Eardley's bar association.

The fact that he did that shows a huge error in judgement on his part.

I haven't taken the time to rip Eardley's letter apart...But it's full of half truths, and he's making promises that he surely couldn't have kept.

To me, it shows exactly what it would have been like for Britney with Lutfi at the helm of her life and career...She was better off without Eardley. Just like Lutfi, he was a sloppy amateur who could have done her more harm than good.

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