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Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for 'Black Widow' breach of contract; Emma Stone also considering to follow suit with 'Cruella'

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Good for her. She knows her worth. Disney knew that what they were going to do was a breach of contract but because it's Disney, even if she makes 10's of millions from this lawsuit, which is very possible, she pretty much can't lose. Disney's bank won't even feel this. 

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I support her. During the pandemic subscription services went up and entertainment conglomerates have been hugely profitable.  If I were to make an assumption, cause sueing is usually not the first resort, she probably tried renegotiating the orginal contract, since the movie was scheduled way in advance of covid and it didn't work out.  If the release strategy changed, after the original contract change, and if she didn't get a cut of the subscription earnings, then I dont disagree with this.  

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44 minutes ago, Isla said:

It’s a contract and she has a right to sue their ***es although I can understand why Disney put the film on Disney+ to an extent.

Exactly. A contract is a contract. Tbh good on her for waiting for the movie to come out and still doing all press and promo for the movie with no complaints. Any other petty actor would have refused from the get go.

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19 hours ago, Mexwero said:

Forgive my ignorance, but don’t actors just get paid for doing their roles? How is the distribution of the film impact her ? Somebody educate me please! Lol 

Box office performance is huge for the future of an actor, especially when they are the lead in a high budget, high-salary film. If the film doesn't perform well, even if for a multitude of reasons, the actor will be blamed and it will be harder for them to cast or command another film, because casting and producers on the next film will reference their previous "flop".

For Scarlett I don't think it's a big deal since she's already established herself as an uber A-list celebrity. It's probably just annoying for her, to have spent so much time working on a film, for it to (I guess??) "flop" (otherwise there wouldn't be a lawsuit). Some of y'all on this forum need to really start looking at situations from both sides... Lol. This isn't "greedy", plus this isn't just Scarlett, I'm sure it's people on her team as well that pushed for this. Contracts are contracts so... of course they're going to sue if it wasn't released properly. A lot of time goes into these movies, it's not like she showed up on set for a month and the movie was done. 

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I don't like her at all. Anytime her name comes up in the media it tends to be something always about her. She wants to play X, Y and Z role regardless of how it makes other people, as an actor she's allowed to play any character (i.e. Black, Asian, white, gay, trans, etc.).

I'd like to see more come out on this...I'd imagine she gets paid for streaming, since its not free and people have to pay for premier access.

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  • Exhale+
Posted (edited)

I wonder if this is why this was pushed back for a year over and over again? maybe she threated them already. 

I'm honestly glad she is not Black Widow anymore, she was always overrated to me, Florence Pugh steals the movie with her charisma.

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17 minutes ago, Kevney said:

I wonder if this is why this was pushed back for a year over and over again? maybe she threated them already. 

I'm honestly glad she is not Black Widow anymore, she was always overrated to me, Yolanda Lynes steals the movie with her charisma.

Apparently it is considered the best Marvel Movies in years. I haven't watched it yet though. 

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