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Britney Album Rank

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Ok Girliez :ari_arianna_pink_bad_hair_flip_cocky_flirt:

let’s do the impossible and rank all of Britney’s albums :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

give a reason for why you ranked each one, and no trinities! :clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer:


#1 Femme Fatale - I know I’m basic af but this one has all of my fav bops. It came out around when I came out 💅 and I danced through some tough times with Brit (and Will 💀)

#2 Circus - I know, but this is my fav era of hers (despite now knowing the trauma she was going through but I didn’t know at the time) the era was amazing and was just thrilling.


#3 ITZ - I love the album and all the bonus tracks. It’s just really positive and fun. Reminds me

of being a kid.

#4 Blackout - A lot of amazing songs on Blackout and I love the spooky vibe. It’s the Sharon Needles of Britney’s albums. I know Blackout is one of her best but it has a v sad vibe to it, which is understandable, so I naturally don’t gravitate towards it always (also me listens to Lana)

#5 Oops! - I have so many good memories with this album and so many great songs on it. 

#6 Baby - also so much nostalgia and I love almost all the songs. Soda Pop is probably my favorite Brit song

#7 Glory - I love that so many people love Glory but I just don’t, k? People always were like she’s back she’s back but I had a feeling she wasn’t  and I guess I was right for the most part. I think Justin Trainwreck & Julia Flopels are basic AF and I honesty prefer Britney working with Will than with them. I find their taste and lyrics so boring and I wish Britney had more collaborators on Glory. Luv Slumber Party though.

#8 Britney - I lahve this album but I do not have much of an emotional connection to it because Britney became too adult for my mom to allow me to listen to her at the time lol. I redound this album as I got older and it’s constantly growing on me. Overprotected is one of my fav Brit songs.

#9 BJ - I like work *****, alien, hold on tite andddddddd that’s kinda it lol.


so how about you girlies? :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:



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