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Super sleuthing... My emails dating back to 2008... A research thread

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As some of you may know, I've been following the story of Britney's conservatorship since she split with Kevin Federline.

Even back in late 2006, it seemed obvious that something nefarious was afoot with Larry's sudden appearance on the scene. :nopingout_meme:

I just randomly came across an email to a fellow sleuth that is full of tons of juicy gossip...So I'm going to start pasting the emails here every once in a while so that the rest of you can start digging and following leads.


Subject: RE: I wonder who got the check?
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 09:49:18 -0400


Agreed. If I was Jamie, I'd have done the same thing. Here's something interesting about G/S...Kind of a case study that proves Twain was right about Jamie and his "25 Jane Does" (first and last names, ladies!).

Take the process server incident. When it happened, Perez posted photos of the guy's wounds (they looked to be taken with a pro camera, not a crappy digital one). TMZ posted the process server's version of events of what happened. Twain later said that Perez was a "strawberry" (Easy E-speak for "ho"), who had been bought off by The Machine including Perez in the opening sequence of Brit's concert. Twain also said that Blair Berk and Harvey Levin went way back, so that explained why TMZ was getting on the inside scoops on the legal stuff.

It's also been noted that a Brit romance story (K-Fed, Indian choreographer, Jason Trawick, you pick) gets dropped in the media on the same day that an Adnan story appears.


Take a look at the photos of Brit and gang at Lotus nightclub in Dallas:


She's dancing with all the dancers, not picking anyone in particular. Then take a look at the TMZ story about Brit getting "freaked" by Chase Benz:


The same day, Perez ran almost the exact same story, also using the word "freak":


Notice who took the photos - Ginsberg/Spaly (GSI Media). So it appears that Ginsberg/Spaly are the official photogs of BritneySpears.com (which is fine), but then the outtakes are being sent to places like TMZ and Perez, possibly with a "script" already attached (as written by Lou Taylor).

See how it works? And it ALWAYS drops on a day when there is an Adnan story. What Ronnie would call, "counter programming." So basically, TMZ and Perez have taken over from Lycia Naff (OK! Magazine) as the outlet for Lou's little fabrications.

So, yeah, if I was Adnan, I'd be pretty choked. He was set up so that the public believed he hit the process server before he ever had a day in court. And The Machine has done the same thing to Lutfi, so I can understand why BOTH of them would be angry and would start working together.


My dog is whining to go for a walk. So these rambling warbles...

Will be continued!!

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From: XXXXXXX (xxxxx@msn.com)
Sent:April 4, 2009 1:02:44 PM

Oh yeah, I see how it works. For every "negative" Brit story, they post a "positive"
and I don't like that. It's bad. I'm sad.
especially when others are dragged into their dirty little game.
kinda reminds me of the time when Adnan took Brit to Mexico with a pap crew
or when Adnan & Brit were photographed shopping home pregnancy tests.
that's what I'm saying about Adnan
it's not like he didn't know
and it's not like he wouldn't be doing the same thing IF he had access to her now.
I don't hate him, but he is NO VICTIM.
and Brit is hardly the first celeb who's had this PR craziness.
I remember reading stories about actors, going back to the silent film era who employed similar tactics.
It's only because we're sheep and believe everything we're told that all that bull**** works.
Well..you and I are not sheep, (HA!!) but generally speaking, people are.
I had planned to go gallivanting, but then I changed my mind. I'll probably change it again in 5 min or so, haha
I knew Perez was "bought" by Britney when Jive "sued" him last yr for leaking Blackout tracks.
Because it was blatantly obvious that Jive themselves had leaked to Perez.
so I figured that was just another point that could be negotiated....
as in: we drop this suit, you start giving Britney some positive press
seems to be working well for him....(makes me wanna vomit but.....)
harvey levin, I'm learning....has a long background in investigative tackiness. I don't think what he did/does qualifies as journalism.
(previous sentence refers to past work pre-TMZ)
on TMZ, I'm perfectly aware they seem to favor some people. But I really do not think the Spears have TMZ "in the pocket" so to speak. Or at least I can't figure out why they would want all those negative KFed stories and their private legal docs passed around.
Since I'm in left field.......I don't think TMZ had **** to do with her losing custody either. What lost her custody is the DFCS report which is what labeled her "habitual drug whatever"
and her complete and total lack of regard for things like hearings, depositions, drug tests and child monitors.
I re-read that letter Eardley wrote to Britney. I think he should be disbarred. At least his stupidity was made public, so that people looking for a legal rep will know to stay clear of this grifter. But........what is the source of his info?
I mean Britney never met him, right? So where did he get all the info that the Evil Empire was out to get her and that Kaplan was their hitman?
I'm guessing Sam???
It makes me wonder, if that's what Britney told Sam or that's what Sam told Britney.
It would be nice to know when they really met and under what circumstances..........?

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From: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com
To: XXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: morning coffee in progress, watch for typos‏
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 10:53:58 -0400

2nd 5150...

At this point, I'm believing everything that Young Samuel is saying. Why? Because Lynn actually BACKS HIM UP in her book! I didn't notice until I posted that US Magazine article. Doesn't Lynn basically just respond and confirm everything he said, but with her own spin on it?

So, I'm (for now) going with Dr. Nadel. Brit was driving around after three days with no sleep. Pap video shows that she was making Sam AND Adnan get out of the car so that she could drive. And that makes her a danger to herself or others. So 5150 her and get her off the streets? Sounds good to me.

Nadel probably didn't intend for the C-Ship to follow that. But that wasn't her business, anyways.

I think Lynn knew Jamie was planning a C-Ship. And after watching that Dr. Phil video I just posted, I wouldn't be shocked if they tried to go after it the year before when they sent her to rehab. I recently came across an article that said her parents were threatening her with a mental hospital if she didn't go to rehab. So she probably went with the lesser of the two evils.

If Sam was going after a C-Ship, I think it was only to make sure that her parents didn't get it. Because he knew what would happen if they did. ~~~~> Got tickets to the "Circus" tour?!


I don't think her parents are going after him either. At least not the way MT is implying. I think they had him stabbed back in April. I think they probably continue to threaten him and plant false stories in the paper about him. But I would think they probably know their limits...??


I'm a huge Beatles fan, and I'm just a young punk. I think he's just trying to grab me and get me working for him. For a moment, I thought he was actually offering me a job come January.

I'll play his game, as long as it falls within the law. But if no laws are being broken, then I'm not playing any further than that.

And this...

"If I ever were to find out conclusively that Brit was being held "hostage" by the c-ship for the purpose of squeezing out more dollars.......
I would start calling the L.A. times and Reva Goetz. I just don't think it would occur to me that maybe if I post it to a blog, something would be done."

...Maybe MT hasn't thought of it. But I have. And if the L.A. Times gets contacted, you can bet HE's going to be under the microscope, too.

As I've told him twice now - I'm not Team Adnan. I'm Team SP & JJ. So if he wants me to play, he needs to keep that in mind.


This is all getting a little weird...I'm trying to just keep people talking...But at some point soon, I may need to bail. Is it too out of this world to think that the Spears are watching this and might come breathing down my neck?

I don't like that XXXX knows my info, either. For all I know, she's already called up Lou and gave her my digits.


morning coffee in progress, watch for typos‏

From: XXXXXXXX@hotmail.com
Sent:December 13, 2008 9:13:24 AM

I just need to clear up some confusion I have, then I'll just go in abc order.
WHO freaking called in the 2nd 5150 on Brit?? Lynne tried to blame Sam, Sam blamed Dr. Nadel,and London ain't talking.
Lynne says in her book she tried to get Britney away from the house so she wouldn't be 5150'd.
According to Brandy Navarre, Lynne called her and told her Brit had attempted suicide.
How does this fit in with the c-ship being put in place? Did Lynne even know what Jamie was doing? Or was Jamie doing anything?
(ASSuming) How did Sam manage to get her 5150'd and be put in charge of her affairs, only for Papa Spears to become King and vanquish him in very short time?
I think if the Spears were really going after him as claimed, they would've had an easy target, his immigration status. And for all I know, he's been deported, but since I haven't heard that, I think he's lurking around somewhere...maybe INS can't find him
I think her problems actually started around 03/04. I do think she has some mental/emotional issues. I do not think she's crazy at all, but issues just the same. I also think she used drugs and/or alcohol. I don't know that I would go as far as to say an "addict"....but another issue to be dealt with. I boycott all her products and I will continue to do so until she presents herself  as something more than a object. (nothing to do with c-ship) (something to do with exploitation)
......speaking of exploitation.....I hate these LBJ ****heads. Larry Bryan Jamie.
Do I know if she needs to be under c-ship???
No I don't. It's just hard for me to understand disabled enough to need a c-ship yet able to go on world tour.
In my mind, there must be a reason why this is happening.....even though I don't know what it is.
I have a couple of guesses.....
drugs is one.
money (or lack of) is another.
I don't assume the c-ship is 100% bad. and hell no, certainly not all good either........I'm unclear of what would be happening if the c-ship disbanded?? It could be worse??
If MT is cooz, believe me, he's NOT poor.
when MT said that about the Beatles, made me think he was NOT cooz, as I'm a bit young for the Beatles and he's a good deal younger than me?? MT sounded like Uncle Frank yesterday.
I have wondered what happened @ jfx, I heard Ronnie left the office and went back to taking photos
but they sure do not have many recent ones
they repeat over and over.....
Look at jfx home page, then click on "celebrities". You'll see how large a font they used for Britney Spears....her name is as large as jfx.
I really believe they intended on building that website around Britney(aka Final Pixx and x17) and then when Adnan entered the pic, that must've really put $$ signs in their eyes.
I think it's possible that MT is pissed off b/c he thought he was going to get "exclusives" guaranteed to him by Brit & Adnan...........but with Jamie in charge.....didn't happen.
and that's why he wants Jamie out.
Sure Brit may not have a phone.....
Sure Brit can not drive.......
Sure Brit can not date Adnan....
and I can think of more than legit reasons for all of that......
which is not to say it IS LEGIT.
it's to say, we don't know what's going on!!!!!
I have tried to find this ginsburg(sp?)splay stuff.....I found their names at Splash a lot, looks like they might be indies.
Of all the more recent shots of Brit...........Splash and inf have been the one with the photos.......I don't know if that's meaningful in any way.
Too bad we can't get in touch with EA, she would know that stuff about if Kevin were paid or consented or not.....
If I ever were to find out conclusively that Brit was being held "hostage" by the c-ship for the purpose of squeezing out more dollars.......
I would start calling the L.A. times and Reva Goetz. I just don't think it would occur to me that maybe if I post it to a blog, something would be done.
.....maybe I'm just weird.......

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From: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com
To: XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com
Subject: Ebola...and "The Spears Family"...One and the Same?
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 12:58:25 -0400

Well, I hope it's not Ebola that you have. That would suck. I just got over a major sinus infection that moved up into my eyes (blah!!) That lasted for two and a half weeks. Not pretty.

Cookie jars...

The interesting thing about it all (to me) is the "Britney Spears" vs. "The Spears Family." I'm guessing that, under the direction of Lou, "TSF" has made a clear break from Brit so that they can keep making money, even if Brit bails out of the game. Hence Pa's statement about Larry following Brit's rant to X17 back in April 2007 or so. (And, you can see it in other things, too. That painting that Brit signed that was auctioned off for charity? It was done on behalf of "The Spears Family." So THEY obtain the goodwill/profits, even though it's Brit who signed the painting.

That family is literally living off her image whether she is a willing participant for not. To quote MT...they're a bunch of "c@cksuckers."


Here's (to me) the most interesting part of the suit:

41. Upon information and belief, SPEARS and BTI concealed from WEG a series of negotiations and agreements for otherwise commissionable Gross
Receipts payable to WEG, thus diverting those commissions to SPEARS, directly or indirectly, or to corporate entities, without the knowledge, consent, or agreement of WEG, both before and after termination of the Agreement.

I don't think, if there was a separate corporation created, that Lutfi was the one who did it, since the payments stopped in December 2006. I'm wondering if Lynn got fired by Brit (as an employee of "Britney Touring Inc.") and decided that, while Brit was in rehab, she was going to set things up so she could continue to get paid whether Brit liked it or not.

And now, the C-Ship has Tri-Star (Lou Taylor) doing the financials for "The Spears Family" and for "Britney Spears" so that it can all be straightened back out again without anyone noticing??

Okay...Feel free to punch holes in that theory...I'm trying to mesh up your ideas with what AM is digging up, and seeing what happens.


So...Maybe Pa is more than just the "chef" for the Maloofs? This whole thing is just...Wow. (Just thinking...The boy's birthday party...Sponsored by Christian Audigier...Held in the backyard of the Maloof's mansion...Helicopters by the dozens flying overhead to get paparazzi shots...How much do you wanna bet Pa called up the paps himself to let them know where the party was going to be?) 

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From: XXXXXXXX@hotmail.com
Mon 2008-12-08 12:32 PM
To: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com

I'm not going to poke holes, but it seems pretty obvious that from the beginning of Brit's career, positions were "created" for her family, or at least some of them.
For ex: Bryan has co-producer credits on all her videos, which I'm sure he was paid well for, though I don't see how he could've been qualified....
Lynne too, fan club bs, and other things........
But I've never seen anything for Jamie, which makes me wonder if he was around at the time or maybe working under another name??
To me, that's just a way to lessen Brit's tax and still keep the $$ in-house, so to speak.
I have no doubt, she's been taking advantage of financially by everyone she's met along the way, including her family.
The painting you are talking about was pulled from auction and never sold. I have no idea why, but I remember it and there's posts on x17 and maybe TMZ about it also.
I agree with Spears being you-know-whats and I agree they're living off Brit's image.
I think there's something more going on...........
they're laying the foundation for something, I just haven't got it figured out yet.
Maybe something good for Brit??? We can still be hopeful, I guess??
MT. has really lost a lot of credibility to me lately. I think he did "know" what was going on for awhile, but more recently, I find his guess to be worth the same as mine.
He does have good taste in music though, I'll give him credit on that one.
...and for him (of all people) to suggest we should support Brit and buy Circus, when supposedly that "support" would go directly to the evil c-ship, just really pissed me off. I haven't got over it yet.
back to the chicken or the egg. does Britney need paps or do paps need Britney??
Sam Sam Sam.........I've got just a little whisper in my head..........something somebody said or something I read.....
something about getting Lynne (or somebody) on a show that had Dancing in the title??
and then I ran across that same show title when I was reading up on Rudolph.............
does any of that make sense to you?? if so, chime in!!
The Maloofs, with their wealth and influence, could really be "the REAL white people" (with a tan)(from Sunset tan)

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From: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com
To: XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: ATTENTION**************‏‏‏
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2008 11:46:07 -0300

MT...Well, he did kind of re-inforce my thoughts that Lynn was the Punywoman or that Jamie was the Punyman. He also made note of that Lou M. Taylor, who apparently is THE spreader of all Spears lies. (And here I thought it was Larry Rudolph.) He also seemed to imply that Brit and Adnan still talk. And that they really ARE holding her babies against her as a way to make her comply with their demands. That's pretty sad, if you think about it...

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MT = Mark Twain

A pseudonym for one of the members of JFXOnline who was friends with Adnan Ghalib.

Twain liked to leave "clues" for the other members of JFX to solve.


JFX = A competitor to X17, TMZ and Final Pixx


Jane Does = A clue left by MT; The people behind the conservatorship


Punyman = A clue left by MT

Punywoman = A clue left by MT

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From: XXXXXX@hotmail.com
Mon 2008-06-23 12:58 PM
To: Steel Magnolia

...I don't think I could make the final determination based on the little clip of Ian I saw last night.
He really struck me as a d-bag.
MT did not, but saying why I think I "know" MT is difficult because obviously  I don't. Impossible even to say which of his posts are true, because I don't know when's he's "in character" or not.
I would think if Ian is not MT, he is still the earthquake MT is talking about.
Who is Lynne Spears k.i.s.s.i.n.g?
Twain's 1st few posts in defense of paps. There was one where he called Britney posts garbage...heh.
p.s. Britney's alleged drug dealer is contributing to the book. That'll be unimpeachable, I'm sure.<eye roll>
2 suicide attempts AFTER she lost custody (via Ian)
you may can download this show off Fox News, I know you could if it were CNN
Fox is pepaw news. I'll go look for you

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From: XXXXXXXXXX <xxxxxxxxx@msn.com>
Tue 2008-12-09 1:19 PM
To: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com

I just wonder since it seems all roads lead to Larry ...........
she signed a 5 yr contract with him when she divorced Kfed.........then fired him
he either sued or her or she continued paying him so he wouldn't sue her.......
Dymtrow =Larry puppet  ????
I just assumed he would be her 1st choice of mgr, maybe not. It would be interesting to know why Jamie thinks so highly of him.........
I don't think Brit's 100% villian, but I don't think she's 100% victim either. ....Somewhere in the middle.......
I believe she lost custody of her kids thru her own stupidity. BUT she'll never get custody back because of the Spears.
When MT talks about the earthquake that never happened, what do you think he was talking about?
.....I think I have a new theory about Sam.........


From: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com
To: xxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: cookie jars‏
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 13:27:29 -0400

Sorry, I thought the thing with Pa controlling BTI might have slipped by you...It DID, after all, slip by Style, who we all know is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much smarter than us. ;)



I always thought it was odd how he came back in and disappeared and came back in and disappeared. And that Pa publicly backed him up in April 2007. (If I was Brit, I would have been LIVID. But I don't know...I tend to waffle between Brit being a child-abusing drug addict, exactly as EA claimed, and Brit being a complete victim of Lou Taylor and her media spin. The truth is probably half-way in between...)

I see where you're going with this...maybe...

You mentioned in your last e-mail that Larry used to work for Wright. And we know that Larry re-appeared in December 2006...Around the time that Wright stopped getting paid, and was no longer able to obtain financials audits from BTI.

Hmmm...Do you think Larry, being a lawyer, has set something up for himself...??


RE: cookie jars‏
From: XXXXXXXXX (xxxxxxxxxx@msn.com)
Sent:December 9, 2008 12:14:38 PM

It aint the cookie monster that's controlling Bryan Spears.....it's his PA!!
Of course he's in charge,
the point I was trying to make
1. apparently she could not pay her bill w/o funds from sjb account
which could really change the nature of things that follow.
you ever hear of Larry Rudolph suing Brit for breach of contract.....after any of his firings??

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From: xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Mon 2008-06-23 4:39 PM
To: Steel Magnolia

I actually have tried to do that......the clues from start to finish
it's very confusing without commentary from others
because his replies to others usually turned into a clue
same with his "personal" posts
he may not consider himself part of the story
but I think it's paramount to figure out who he is
I don't want to help bad guys!!!!
but I'll try this and see what turns up.
I'm off for now for re-charging.
That means a nap and dinner.
I may talk to you tonight, I thought I might hit X & see if there's any humans left there.


From: steel_magnoliaxx@live.com
To: xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 17:07:51 -0300

Well, MT did say she was filing in part because she was pissed that she didn't get a cut of the $1.7 million that Splash made off of it. He also said she was filing because she wanted to distance herself from what they did - that it was more about saving face in terms of her career.

 As for why MT leaves these clues at JFX of all places...This is why Style COULD be right about this. Maybe there isn't really an earthquake to report (or the earthquake IS the lawsuit). If MT is wanting to expose Jane Doe (e.g. because he's a defendant), then might he be breaking a law of any sort by naming her outright?

Style suggested we go back to his first clues, before this latest round of clues and before the whole mention of the "Punyman." She said to look at his clues in order, without reading the commentary of the other folks.

 I haven't had a chance to do this...But do you recall off-hand when the "PunyMan" first got connected to "Jane Doe"?


RE: Splash‏
From: xxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Sent: June 23, 2008 3:29:07 PM
To: Steel Magnolia (steel_magnoliaXX@live.com)

Here's the thing I have always struggled with...........
If Twain has any info what-so-to-the-freakin-ever that is of life changing importance to anyone.......why does he go speak anon at blog with very low traffic?
Why doesn't he report it to...whomever, the D. A., LAPD, the Times, TMZ, anon or not.
Wouldn't that be more expeditious than talking in Harry Potter-ese??
Is he a ball-less wonder?
Maybe he just liked the attention??

ok, now I feel better after my min rant.

You know I have never in my life believed much in coincidence. So to me, MT may or may not be Ian. But the earthquake will definitely be featuring Ian and maybe the Splash thing as well...just because of the timing of all things coming together at once.

 I've ordered one of Ian's other books, maybe he will dedicate it Mark Twain or something....yeah.

 And for what it's worth.........my son's girlfriend is pre-law, she said about this splash suit.......the plaintiff failed to provide much info........
 for example, she's suing for damages, but makes no claim for what damages she's suffered.
 so it should say.......
 "so traumatized I was unable to accept assignments for 2 weeks" cost to me $10,000
 "had to see the Dr. 3x" cost to me $800.00
 there she be an itemized list of things she is able to prove she needs to be compensated for.
 did that make any sense at all??
 of course, I don't really guess we know if we have ALL the court documents......

 and this girl is PRE law, so we're keeping the Splash lawsuit in for now.

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39 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:


You mentioned in your last e-mail that Larry used to work for Wright. And we know that Larry re-appeared in December 2006...Around the time that Wright stopped getting paid, and was no longer able to obtain financials audits from BTI.


So even back in 2008, I was asking if Larry was responsible for the financials for Britney Touring Inc...Implying that he set up a new LLC to divert money away from Johnny Wright.

We caught on to that right away!


If he was doing that, what else was he doing?

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5 hours ago, Steel Magnolia said:

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong...

But Brandy was Team CON.


5 hours ago, neverover said:

Yeah these media worked together with con team to pull up the conservatorship, so I won't really trust them..

I remember that Lutfi and Alli Sims denied suicide claims.

Personally, I believe that made-up rumors of suicide and that she was on the verge of bankruptcy was part of the set up and was deliberately launched by team con into the media space, so that later on it was possible to present Cship/her father as something/someone that saved her life and finances. And many fell for this narrative

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