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McKayla Maroney, Olympic gymnast, shares her support for #FreeBritney: “The people who control her are criminals, and abusers, just like USA gymnastics.”

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Totally heartbreaking when you realise how many people it happened to. But on the flip side, it’s encouraging to see that Britney’s story resonates with other victims who feel they can speak out. Hopefully this continues and it will help others who are living in fear and suffering in silence 💔

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applaud her suppor and for speaking out for not only herself but for Britney

Ever since Simone Biles pulled out of the Olympics, it's made me realize that a lot of these athletes suffer from abuse, anxiety and depression just to compete to be the best. I often wonder how far and how much their coaches push them. How much pressure is put on them to be more than super human? One has to ponder, if in the end it is worth pursuing. I'm not trying to paint anyone as a victim bc I look at those like Simone, and still think of them as winners. Maybe they gave up the medal, but they gain something more valuable in the end, their life. A life where they don't have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

I wonder how much pressure Britney must have felt in the beginning of her career. Especially with her 2nd, album, people were thinking can she do it again? Ultimately, she did. My point being, if there's so much pressure to win a medal for the olympics, I can't imagine the pressure someone as famous as Britney feels (or felt in the beginning) to perform and ultimately hold her title  as the  "princess of pop". I can't imagine the pressure she must feel when people say that.

I think in a lot of these organizations,music, sports and entertainment there's some coaches and agents  looking to capitalize off and take advantage of these talented people.

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