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why is Lynne only just speaking up now?

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Lutfi claims that Lynne had no problem standing up to Jamie when he wanted Jamie Lynn to get an ********. Considering the source, I'm taking this with a grain of salt, but this doesn't seem all that far-fetched. But if it's true, the theory that she was powerless against Jamie doesn't really hold water.

Some fans speculate that she's trying to get on Britney's good side so she can continue using what Britney has paid for (car, house, etc.).

Personally, I think any decent mother would've spoken up or taken action at the first sign of abuse, no excuses. Maybe she's only doing it now because she feels safe with all the focus on #FreeBritney, but I still believe she, as a mother, was obligated to step in sooner. No matter how you slice it, she's failed her daughter and should be ashamed.


That said, I'm obviously glad she's speaking up now. Too little, too late, yes. But better late than never.


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I 100% agree she should have stepped in sooner, but when you’re being abused by an alcoholic, scary man, you don’t always see things for what they truly are. I believe Lynne loves Britney and her boys. I just think she’s lead a life of fear of Jamie. No excuse I just think it’s not as black and white as people may think. I hope Britney forgives her for her own sanity’s sake 

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Britney said in her testimony, that she tried to talk to her mother and father. Lynne knew what was up. She just didn’t care. I truly imagine them calling daddy Jamie any time they needed something. “Daddy please I need money” and I bet Jamie loved every minute of it. I’m so done with that family. Britney will get her say, and Lynne knows that. I hope there is lawsuits every where!!

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1 hour ago, Rob_ said:

I 100% agree she should have stepped in sooner, but when you’re being abused by an alcoholic, scary man, you don’t always see things for what they truly are. I believe Lynne loves Britney and her boys. I just think she’s lead a life of fear of Jamie. No excuse I just think it’s not as black and white as people may think. I hope Britney forgives her for her own sanity’s sake 

But then nothing should stop a mother from protecting her daughter from abuse and i find it quite disgusting that Britney plucks the courage to stand in court to speak for 25 minutes about everything she went through for 13 years and only after that Lynne magically finds her voice, decides to step up and support Britney. where the hell has she been for the past 13 years? its quite weird how all of a sudden she isnt afraid of Jamie only after Britneys court appearance last month

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Lynne just wants to save her ***. Period.

A few reminders:

1) From Ronan's article we learned that Lynne wanted Jamie to be Britney's conservator cuz it was better for Britney to resent him instead of her.

2) From the transcript of the 2020 hearing that Matt attached in his petition to remove James, on 107-109 pages, we learned that it seems that Lynne didn't want to help terminate Cship, but she only wanted to help remove James. Also she wanted him to continue to be a part of Britney's life, just not as a conservator. And she is thankful to him for his service as Brit's conservator.



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To me she's a victime of Jamie too, alot of trauma because of this monster, Britney is in this mental and physical jail since 13 years. I think Lynne was the prisoner before. Plus he was younger so that's mean more rage and strenght to put down his victim. Lynne gave him her life and 3 kids so she was lock with him in this madness love. He's so evil, I guess Lynne was sometimes so afraid of his grip, so she couldn't think and do the right thing. I can understand even if I think it's bad. And maybe she did few things behind the curtains, I don't know, we don't know. This is my thought, but at the end of the day, I will have my final thought on what Britney and only Britney will say about their relationship, because only Britney's version count off course. This family is a mess, Britney deserved so much better! I'm so sad for her! Such an angel they destroy her. She needs to find peace and ?build? her own family with Sean and Jayden!

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While I do believe Lynne has been an abused wife at the hands of Jamie (and probably her childhood family. She attracted a controlling man into her life thinking it was normal behaviour and no doubt repeated a family generational pattern) I do not believe for one minute she is meek and mild. Damaged by religion and enforced gender stereotypes brought on by said religion, but mousey she ain't. 

Remember when she turned up at Britney's wedding in a white bridal dress? Remember when the emails were leaked between Britney and Sam Lufti in which she referred to her mother as something like 'f.u.c.k.ed in the head, selfish, and as bad as her dad?' Plus examples of her cold, unsupportive behaviour. Remember when Britney said her mother flirted blatantly and s.e.x.ually with Kevin?

Remember when Britney was forced into that mental facility that Lynne is now saying was the last straw in her testimony? Yet she and the rest of the family happily went on vacation to Britney's Florida home while her daughter was being tortured at the facility. This was the time when Jamie told his daughter, who was crying and begging on the phone to come home, with something like, "well, there must be something wrong with you if you're there!" And wasn't Lynne in his company at this time with Jamie Lynn and Bryan and their families?

And remember the time Lynne, who was right next to Britney, was jumping around singing, dancing and clapping enthusiastically and beaming with pride at that Disney awards show as Jamie Lynne was on stage singing Britney's songs to remixes knowing damn well that must have hurt her daughter deeply? If any of these statements are incorrect I'm open to rectifying them.

Lynne might well be a domestic abuse victim herself but she's as cold and deeply narcissistic as the day is long and the perfect match for Jamie Spears. Bryan and Jamie Lynn are the product of their parents evil union, so dumb and devoid of self-awareness, that they blindly spread their family abuse into the next generation. Britney was different and they've hated her for it because she's not like them at all. Narcissists hate to see mirrors in front of them which is what Britney was and is to them all. They can never take responsibility for their actions so they continue to damage the other person as leverage for power.

Lynne is switching sides to save her own a.s.s because she fears the law MORE than she fears the repercussions from Jamie Spears. If there was no Free Britney army, no sniffing about in Britney's business and no court case, this deeply uncaring, self-absorbed, southern belle would still be fine dining off her daughter's wealth. She'd still be living in a nice luxury home Britney paid for, swanning around in top designer cuts, and would be swinging around on a frickin' pole dancing bar not giving one damn s.h.i.t. about her daughter's situation. Just like she hasn't for the past 13.5 years of her precious daughter's life of which she will never get back. They are lost forever into infinity. But as long as Lynne had a good time that's all that matters.

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