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Britney would destroy the instagram with her bomb *** photoshoots

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I know it is feeding the beast , lookin at her candid photos while we clearly know she hates paparazzi . But dang it man!

 She’s so photogenic and fine even doing simple out and about stuff.I swear she would destroy Instagram if she would given the professional support the last 13 years… without all the stress, as being free and iconic.

I would like to see her new and cool photoshoots, dolled up looks. Damn you Jamie.. you literally took her spark from her.





















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Just now, HairFullOfSecrets said:

A lot of the pics u used are post cship tho, including one from 2019.

It’s just a quintessence. I love tons of her new ones too. Pluss I didn’t want to use the ones she clearly hates being photographed. Just wanted to imagine if this stupid con would never happen. The abums, photoshoots, artistic creativity she would bring.

Poor baby trying to survive the last 13 years at the hand of that evil man . :ipass_britney_xfactor_no_words:

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1 minute ago, HairFullOfSecrets said:

It is what it is bb, we can't change the past just work on the present try to look for a better future.

I can’t wait for her to start her new free life. I’ve never prayed for something this intensely before. Well , praying that evil will never ever touch her again. She deserves the world for real.

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