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RUMOR: Jamie Spears is losing it (drinks alcohol with meds)

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On 7/27/2021 at 4:35 PM, autumngoodbye91 said:

I agree, reading this thread makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

I mean there's no question that he is a very abusive person and a horrible parent, who should be kept as far away from Britney as possible for the rest of his life. I don't necessarily feel sorry for him, but I also find it hard to take pleasure in the suffering of another human being, regardless of what they have done. It doesn't bring me joy to know that he's depressed and in poor health; everything that has happened with this dysfunctional family is just extremely sad and tragic, imo -- there's clearly a lot of intergenerational trauma there, and there's nothing funny about that.

The only thing that would make me happy would be to see Britney get her life and freedom back. Making fun of Jamie's illness isn't going to accomplish that.

So you feel bad when ppl make fun of psychopaths,serial killers,abusers,pedophiles etc. ?

Evil ppl deserve nothing but worst. I could care less what events in their life lead to becoming said things.

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I'm going to be very particular with what i say here because I don't want to give Team Con Ammo, but what are supposed to do with this information I I is true? 

In my opinion, its hard to feel no pity for him. He can't sleep and feels isolated? Isn't that the same issue your daughter has after you removed her autonomy in every sense of the word, isolated her from friends and family, forced medical treatments on her, gaslight her, signed deals without asking her, forced her to work and then told the world they were all wrong? 

What happened to "Let The Courts decide whats best for your daughter"? What's caused this for you? You had no issue doing it when she was taking in millions for shows, but now that the world knows, you can't cope?  I mean, the fans knew, as in the ones who gave you the fortune, and you were fine fighting against her in court to her expense and your benefit.

Or is it that the world knows AND she has a competent lawyer that isn't on your payroll and isn't there to benefit you? That's the only variable that really changed the situation to be fair. Britney testified in 2019, and you fought harder to control her estate.

It's hard to feel any sympathy for a man who put his daughter, a global icon, through so much, and then passed off the fans who gave them estate he has unjustly controlled and profited from, but ultimately, he'd only deserve it if Britney made it clear he did, and she has made it clear she doesn't. 

Even after her testimony, you didn't step down or make changes, you let your lawyer continue her scripted empty soundbites, tried to scapegoat someone else and put Britney on trial to save your *** and 'reputation'.

Even if you choose to step down now, people might show you a hint of sympathy but you would rather your lawyer infantilise your daughter, who has been through more than you will ever understand and you benefitted from it.

If this post is true, maybe Jamie's family need to act in his "best interest", and put him in a "temporary" and "voluntary" Conservatorship, because if postnatal depression, a haircut and being a mid 20 year old woman is enough to grant one, surely a destructive combination of alcohol, medication and withdrawal is.


This is not meant as an attack but you don't get to decieve the world and then act surprised when the world responds.

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