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So Jodi Montgomery was hired as a Care Manager of Britney on the 21st of August 2018 during Piece of Me European Tour so she was a part of CON team in the months leading to involuntary facility stay

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1 minute ago, danny1994 said:

Well if she’s trying to save face, she might be crucial to the conservatorship ending. She’s done some good things lately. That doesn’t forgive everything else.

Yeah,but as a Care Manager I would think she could have a big part in sending Britney to that facility and forcing harmful meds on her🧐 

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I don't think Jodi is completely innocent but I also don't think she's the worst offender here (not that that makes it any better). She strikes me as the type to jump ship extremely quickly if the heat started to get too hot. Britney hasn't completely crucified her publicly like she has the rest of her family, but I think if Jodi was in Jamie's position with a lawyer publicly pressuring her to resign, she would.

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57 minutes ago, MadameFreedom said:

Yeah,but as a Care Manager I would think she could have a big part in sending Britney to that facility and forcing harmful meds on her🧐 

I can imagine Britney was like “hey Jodi, this ship is sinking. If you help free me from this conservatorship, I won’t press charges, I promise” *wink wink*

Hopefully she doesn’t keep her word if that’s the case lol

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15 minutes ago, MakeMeFweaky said:

In my opinion we need to keep our mouths quiet on her, Lynn and the others trying to actually help right now until she’s actually free… then we can crucify them for what they’ve done in the past💀 


and also as of Britney's most recent statements in court it sounds like she is comfortable keeping her around to help her transition back into the "real world". We have to trust that Britney is feeling it out with Jodi and maybe she's sensing that Jodi is gonna actually do her job and help now

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Jodi is probably trying to save her own *** now and I don’t believe for one second she’d be helping if the tide didn’t turn in Britney’s favour.

She perhaps isn’t as guilty as the others, so she has less to lose if it ends and more to gain now by helping. If she helps end it she can try salvaging her reputation. I do wonder what the original plan was between Sam, Jamie & Jodi…. I’m sure it wasn’t sunshine and rainbows.

Having said that, if she now is on Team Britney I’m all for it. We can revisit Jodis involvement at a later date 😉

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4 minutes ago, Kletus said:

I think Jodi is an example of new management coming in and trying way too hard and she overdid it. And now she realizes her mistake 

This. Also, I feel that as long as she is helping Britney then it works in our favor. She gets a temporary hall pass 

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Britney herself has stated that while she hasn’t been thrilled with all of Jodi’s management…she still wants Jodi around, on the case, and that she clearly sees Jodi more as a helpful asset (like for “regaining confidence to get back into the real world”) than as posing any imminent threat. 

Clearly there is corruption throughout the entire system, and the legal procedures for undoing all of this are tedious, but that doesn’t mean literally every single person around Britney is a monster.

This is not in defense of Jodi. This is in defense of Britney’s own vocalized wishes. 

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