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Britney & Rosengart state Jamie is 'ill equipped' to manage Britney's finances and that he makes a lot of money from making Britney work

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17 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

The entire world has witnessed Ms. Spears working tirelessly as a musical artist and performer, an exceptional earner for Mr. Spears (and others) who had a financial interest in making sure she would continue to work and perform."


YES Rosengart, you get it :tiffdrink_miss_ms_ny_new_york_drinking_sips_sipping_tea_straw:

Modern Slavery :trash_throw_away_recycle:

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8 minutes ago, hyoga said:

She that her name shall not be said -allegedly- MUST be investigated, she is Jamie's partner in this abuse

My last hope is that when Jamie finally sees himself in a corner (I don't know why it hasn't happened yet) he'd finally try to throw her under the bus.

Sadly, I think Lou has already protected herself enough to make her difficult to be traced back to her, or at least to be proven, but hopefully they'll find out all the truth soon enough. 

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