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Britney files to REPLACE Jamie as Conservator with someone who is an expert in elder abuse litigation - Britney wants to file restraining orders

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1 minute ago, Prachi said:

Hi, can anyone explain me why appointing Rubin will help her? I am not a lawyer, if nobody knows then I will ask tomorrow from my lawyer friend. 

After removing Jamie, doesn't she want this to end? Help to make me understand. 

I don't know much but I think if she wants to get rid of Jamie, she can't end it altogether she needs to get someone else on board.

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Just now, notacam***** said:

There's still 5 months between now and December :gloria_falling_stairs_trip:


interestingly, there's still a hearing scheduled for November, the one about that random  person that filed a petition to terminate the conservatorship, I wonder when are they gonna notice, or when are they doing something about it 

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