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how could this person be in a cship ?!

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I kind of just established my sound, the way i like to sing in the studio.

And that's a big part of making a song , i think is when you hear a song, evn if you

don't really like the demo, if you can go into the studio and make it yours and like "you own the song".

That's  what;s really really important when I do a song.


Receipts she succeeded in doing this for 20+ years : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britney_Spears_discography 


how could you team CON , how could you do that , you have no soul


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i love how everyone pretends she suddenly developed a VERY DANGEROUS mental disease out of the blue in 2007... and then was CURED in march of 2008 after the conservatorship... but if we talk about dissolving it.. ok no, she's sick again.

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