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Why Is Jamie Spears So Protected?


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16 minutes ago, mmseventy said:

I’d be interested in knowing too

Me too, very interested to hear your theory, please. I agree with you guys, I’ve read so much about this all for years and years. From conspiracy theories to mk ultra views on Britney etc etc 

My head is literally spinning with information. I’m going to break down what has stuck with me over the years which I can’t dismiss or shake off. Let me know if you guys feel the same. I’m interested in your views so here goes: 

Jason Alexander - yes I know, him 🙄but I do think he obviously knows a lot! He said in an interview that when it all comes out about Britney, what we will learn will be bone chilling. So wtf does this mean? Can’t shake this off. He also said that he had discussed with Britney many times mk ultra mind control and cloning and Britney was aware of it all. 


Sam Lutfi- again, I know 🙄 he’s been very active on socials lately. He said she had called him in 2009 freaking out bleeding, like a lot of blood but they didn’t know what? Could have been to do with birth control or could have not? Who knows. Again, can’t shake it. 

Aphrodite clairvoyant - huge Britney Stan on YouTube has been doing Britney Readings which I find fascinating. In one of them, he paused and said he felt like Britney’s body was being used but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Like her body being passed around having been drugged. I then went on to read this theory in a few other places and can’t shake it off because it’s disturbing. A theory that Britney was drugged and passed around the enormously wealthy for their time with her. 

Then I read that there were theories that she may have tried to harm herself and kids which is what may be hidden.


Honestly, it’s all so disturbing but that’s the problem, once you read it, you can’t shake it off! I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things too. 



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40 minutes ago, JoJo Online said:

May you send it to me as well? Only if you'd like to.


37 minutes ago, mmseventy said:

I’d be interested in knowing too

Of course babes, I trust you both so I am forwarding the message. Tonight's the only night of the week I am busy so I won't be on exhale for once lmao, I will respond to y'all PMs late at night or tomorrow :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support:

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I'm pretty sure that he's being backed up by the illuminati. Look at Camila Cabello. She did that performance with the big eye as the backdrop and look at her now. Her last album flopped yet she's all over the place with a new Cinderella movie and single. They already spent too much money on her. They won't let her go.

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2 hours ago, Cinderella85 said:

I always thought Britney was put under guardianship to protect her from people who harmed her.That she would not have to testify in court as a witness etc.

there's definitely a piece of the puzzle we've been missing that goes beyond what we know, but we have theories lying around

and what if the conservatorship was a kind of protection for those around her? that she would not have to testify because she knows or can reveal something someone else did? what if the cship protects a secret related to britney's estate?

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4 hours ago, AngelinaSpears said:

Something bigger is behind this,he is just a pawn

From drug cartels to human trafficking… I can think of every possibility. The woman's father is officially a failed lowlife. Just like those dumb dudes people choose to do live bombing attacks.

The former business manager is a very dark woman and a psychopath and a crazy bigot. Britney's money may even be capitalized on political or biological weapons. For a case that is so obvious, the US goverment has been silent for years. Britney may look like a blonde pop star on the outside, but she's got a lot of money going around behind her "Britney Spears" brand . God bless her… every day I feel like she’s in a cobweb.

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I think the only reasons he is still involved because he always has, and that's used to his advantage (Britney's achievements for some reason are his) but also, on the grounds that no matter what anyone throws at his, backed up hundreds of statements, he has some ****ty answer to retort with. 


If Britney speaks against him, they use the very grounds of the conservatorship to justify her abuse and when the accusations are too large for them to justify, they claim she's sick.

If her lawyers speak on Britney's behalf, they claim its hearsay.

When her mother speaks, they claim that she's only in it for financial gain.

When friends speak out, they do media tours.

When fans speak out, we're conspiracy theorists.

Rosengart better go hard when he suits up for this because Team Con have tried to fight fact with fire, someone needs to fight fire with fire.

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