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Feeling like BuzzFeed News' new #FreeBritney article, and parasocial relationships, placed me in a weird box ☹️

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I don't think it's right to put everyone in that category, but there are definitely people who put WAY too much of themselves into the celebrity they love. I have since learned to control myself more, but back in 2007 I was a wreck emotionally during her breakdown. It took a toll on my life quite a bit because I always felt like I had to defend her and fight with anyone and everyone being cruel. It's good to support who you enjoy, but when it starts resulting in real world issues for yourself its time a take a step back. 

Yeah the tone is a little negative, but people who aren't as committed to a celebrity and don't understand being a stan are never going to fully understand. It's like how pop fans rag on people who are super passionate about sports. When you aren't interested, those who are interested on an extreme level seem a bit crazy. 

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If it weren't for us "Fans" this day wouldn't have come, we love Britney and want her to live a free life, I wonder if this was happening to any other artist would they have a fandom rallying behind this having a full time job? Putting money into the movement and apart from her happiness we wont get anything. Britney is genuinely loved and I don't see any problem with this, if it weren't for the obsession this day would've never come - heck a documentary on her is nominated for Emmys - our movement alone will be planted in history. 

The way media portrays things sometimes is beyond pathetic, what is the problem loving someone? Britney is such a genuine person - it's not our mistake that most of the artists out there are fake! 

We love you J, and we all are in this. 

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apparently spreading kindness and caring about human rights is weird ... ok

this just shows you how ****ed up our world is. people think kindness is unhealthy now?

even if britney doesn't know me, it's not just a britney issue , the corruption goes way further than britney , she's just the most famous example , there are a lot of britneys out there that don't have a voice to express themselves.

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I think you’re giving too much power to the article.  Honestly I don’t even care to read it.  I read your post though.  Move on to writing something that brings you more joy and realize it’s only a certain sector’s opinion, and more people relate to how you feel on this subject than you realize.

Britney’s relationships with everyone are messed up, so of course she’s not going to have a two way relationship with any of us... that’s okay, it doesn’t mean that we still aren’t instrumental to getting her to where she is or helping her achieve feats and freedoms.  Every little thing can be a factor, and who cares what a few other people think?  They’ve got their own junk they’d feel weird about if another person on the internet chose to write an article about it.

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I feel like the article tries to paint a lot of fans in a bad light. We only feel strongly because we know this c-ship isn't good for Britney and we want to try and do everything we can to support her while she fights for freedom. I don't see why that's such a bad thing. I'm sorry Jordan :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

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