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My first-ever post on BreatheHeavy (May 21st, 2004)

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8 minutes ago, SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN said:

Loves it, you’ve come such a long way Jordan. :mimiclap_mariah_clapping_applause_proud_yes_Yas: And yessss, please bring back the archived posts, particularly the ones from the QueenFlopga era during the early 2010s, it’s what we’ve been waiting for. :melt_weird_drift_wow::queenflopga_walk_sass_pink:

Haha that was Exhale though. Pretty sure those are gone. I'm bringing back all the posts I wrote :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe: 

Mainly cause I wrote about literally every single that came out about Britney and the conservatorship since 2004. That sounds weird writing it lol 

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Omg this looks surreal:makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy:


She was still on top of the world in 2004, and touring with Onyx Hotel omg 

ITZ era, with Toxic and Everytime being new singles/music videos:calculating_confused_meme_blonde_math_woman_thinking_what:

And just a few days before filming the Outrageous music video in New York...



It's crazy to think about it🤯🤯🤯

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