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1 hour ago, Britman512 said:

That habitat house lady on ig recently posted that she trust him because he has never tried to defend himself publicly….

i still don’t know what to think, Britney was in quite situation back then… I could never be famous

I’m confused how she (and others) can trust him when he has many court documents backing up horrible things he did (including kidnapping!) in cases not even involving Britney. I’m sure he was scapegoated by the Spears family but there’s so much evidence that he’s a creep and a bad person. 

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I’m so bored of everyone focusing on irrelevant information and more so on irrelevant people. Stop giving this absolute creep attention, idgaf if he’s “helping her” now he’s just as bad as her family and needs to seriously move in with his life he is obsessed with her in a very unhealthy way and his track record of offences speak volumes 

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