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Sara Bareilles shares Mandy Patinkin’s (Saul Berenson in Homeland amongst other things) #freebritney tweet. His wife is so adorable and makes a totally valid case for Britney.

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Very encouraging sign that celebrities, that you’d not necessarily expect to be interested or even in the know, about #freebritney are so passionate about the topic. It shows me that the #freebritney movement’s efforts  and recent testimonies by Britney are spreading the correct information. The reason why this is  pretty significant, because these are people who have not followed Britney or her situation, but now they’re speaking up, and they REACH AND APPEAL TO a totally different audience! Mandy is well known as Saul Berenson from the extremely popular and long running Showtime series, Homeland, where he played a really powerful CIA Boss, alongside Claire Danes! His wife is totally adorable and makes a really emotional case for Britney! I’ve never seen or heard of her, but I just want to give her a cuddle. I love her already 🥰 As for Sara Bareilles, she’s a total Babe ❤️😎

And if you thought she’s just making it up not knowing much about Britney, watch Mandy and his wife being asked about one of Britney’s most famous songs! They’re are totally adorable! #couplegoals #freebritney


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5 minutes ago, MadonnaBritneyLove said:

This is fantastic! Even people that doesn't know her that well - can understand such an obvious thing - nothing more can be said! The feeling she has behind her words explains it all! The truth! We are all listening to you Britney!


Yes, that’s exactly why it’s important, that  we realise that people with common sense are starting to see through the mind games and are upset for Britney! Outraged. She called her intelligent and articulate, which tells me that’s how Britney comes across to the General Public. We’re all fans here and most of us knows a hell of a lot more than Joe Bloggs off the street. It’s very encouraging that non-fans are speaking out and supporting Britney 😎🙌🏻

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