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Rumor: A private Facebook has Britney speaking against her family and That her family wants her "dead" as she's worth more.

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Britney slams her family in a private post, saying her family didn't practice singing, dancing or even getting injuries, before she was a star. 


She's even more aware of a warning Michael Jackson told her, that those closest to you, know you are worth more money dead than alive, and she's realizing that warning is more true than ever. 


And that they took the fun out of her career As it feels like a normal 9 to 5 job, than being treated as after a few years off, a rejuvenated and recharged Britney is ready to slay the world before retreating out of the limelight and just be a normal human being, until the itching of wanting to entertain the world bites her again..


Britney wanted to make the world miss her, then come back for a year and a half, then disappear and just repeat that, which is something the conservatorship actually ruined how Britney wanted to treat her career. 

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2 minutes ago, Body ache said:

Wouldn't her kids get her money once they turn 18 if her family actually went through with that?

I think they changed her trust so it doesn't just go to her kids. It goes to her family and her boys. I think that change was made a few years ago.

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