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What’s Britney’s Best Album from the 2010s?

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6 hours ago, Rik said:

this actually brings back a lot of memories that I kind of wish I could retrieve. 

tbh…. Like should I just collect all her vinyls at this point? I made a promise to not but hhhh I already have Baby, Oops, Oops Remix and Bsides, Circus, Blackout, Glory deluxe, this Boys remix on this 2002 hot songs pressing, and the original slave 4 u single/instrumental from 2001

yeah, get those vinyls and the cassette :rihclap_rihanna_clapping_applause_yes_yas:

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On 7/20/2021 at 7:31 PM, Lumanizer said:

Ok hear me out, I enjoy the bops on Femme Fatale more than the bops on Glory, but the duds on FF are waaay worse than the duds on Glory, to the point where Glory is the better album.  I also think Glory has a more sophisticated overall sound, is more experimental, and just shows Brit's personality more than Femme Fatale.

As much as there are songs I like on it, FF sounds like it was created by her crew solely to chase the musical trends of the day. Obvi she saves it from being forgettable, but I still resent her team for trying to dilute her essential Britney-ness through nonstop (and rather trashy tbh) electronica beats and autotuned choruses just so they could have an easy hit and make $$$ from her. 

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Like seriously im so mad at the lyric "steaming like a pot full of vegetables" on Drop Dead Beautiful; those producers literally gave Brit their worst material :sickofu_britney_blinking_umm_wtf_confused_annoyed: and poor Sabi having to sing that line in a sensual way lol

And as far as I'm concerned, there's only one true album Britney released that has her name as the title, and that album is from 2001, so I am unaware of any others post-2010 ..........

Music Video Sunglasses GIF by Britney Spears

By the way, "Britney" will be 20 years old at October 31 :clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer:  even tho, it's already 20-years-old cuz looking down on wikipedia, it stopped being recorded at july, 31 :lollipop_britney_sucker_dancing_party_2012:

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This is a very interesting thread :haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:

My pick would be Glory.

But it does bother me that all the best tracks were on the deluxe edition. 

Glory Deluxe > Femme Fatale > Glory Standard >>>> Britney Jean

I’m also curious about folks saying Femme Fatale didn’t “age well.” Every album is a product of its time, and few albums (by any artist) have a “timeless” sound. Look at Rhythm Nation. That album is SO 80s, but has aged just fine because it’s got great pop songs. It only makes sense that since Femme Fatale is older than Glory that we’ve moved further away from that sound.

Also, I don’t think EDM was “on the way out” in April 2011 when FF dropped. I think that could be said of when Britney Jean and ArtPop were released in 2013, both EDM-inspired albums that were released more than 2 years later.

And as much as I love Glory, I do think that some tracks hopped on the tropical house trend that felt a bit overplayed at the time. Lovely as her voice sounds on Just Love Me, that might have been the least exciting song on the album for me :tbh_britney_nod_yes_yas_ftr_for_the_record_vma_2008_circus:

But to each their own! :lollipop_britney_sucker_dancing_party_2012:

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4 hours ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

Glory, it’s just a Fabulous well made album. It’s got everything you could want from Britney music. But I live FF, it’s easiest one if her best cohesive albums and it’s such a dance vibe. 

Where’s ur signature 

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Britney Jean sucks hard and is her only true bad album….Glory was good (esp Make Me) but it bricked so hard I can’t possibly rank it first…FEMME FATALE is a pitch perfect dance pop album, and any album that includes something as euphoric as Till The World Ends get the gold medal in my book! 

I think it’s her catchiest and best produced album of her career and is pants down my personal favorite of hers 😜😝👏❤️

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44 minutes ago, dritney said:

FF and it’s not even close. It’s Britney’s most cohesive album. Really sad that it was during the conservatorship and she had 0 interest, but it’s up there with ITZ and Blackout for me.

THANK YOU!! It stands heads and shoulders above the other 2 and was her last truly “successful” album era, as sad as that sounds 🙄

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I think I'd take Britney Jean especially because of memories, notalgia and some songs there I like, I don't, I like the atmosphere there and the intention of making it raw like the cover or the main title of the album... we all know it's overproduced, but still... yeah, I like it, like circus (that's the era I became closer to Britney!)...


But, I think Glory it's her 2010's best album.

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