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Leak: Writer's demo for Take the Bait, the unreleased Circus track


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4 hours ago, Isla said:

I hope we get to hear Britney’s version one day!


4 hours ago, ItsKor said:

I wish this would leak with her vocals! Ahh! thank you for this tho

You're welcome! Hopefully it surfaces

4 hours ago, JoJo Online said:

Thank you for all you do! 💗

Thank YOU!

4 hours ago, Roger said:

Thank you guys for leaking King of My Castle, I have it on repeat :carpoolney_dance_karaoke_glory_sunglasses_party_raise_roof:

Thank you for your support!

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6 hours ago, Heitorzinho said:

Right, is it Shayne Ward? Cause he has such a powerful voice, but the style is very Willl.I.Am

No it’s Balewa the writer

1 hour ago, Circuit said:

This is not at all how I imagined the song from the lyrics lol

But thank you so much for leaking!! Take The Bait has been in circulation for years and the fact it hasn’t leaked yet is a crime

i don’t even believe this it would have leaked surely by now 

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