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Mirror: "Britney Spears’ former bodyguard says she was given weekly cocktail of powerful drugs"

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16 hours ago, The Finn said:

I don’t think it is out of the question that she was fed multiple strong and unsuitable drugs in the past 13 years (or even longer) and at times “misbehaved” under the influence of these drugs.

Someone I know works in a psychiatric hospital and has told me about a couple of cases where a patient came in with a wrong diagnosis and strong anti-psychotic medication (given by a doctor in a smaller psychiatric unit). These patients were considered dangerously aggressive, irrational and unable to live on their own.

In one case the doctor in the hospital started to suspect that the initial diagnosis was wrong and in the other one they had to stop the medication for a while for health reasons (like high blood pressure or something). In both cases the person’s behavior and mental capacity quickly improved and eventually both were able to live on their own or in a supported home (where one has an own apartment).

Turns out the other one had some form of Asperger’s syndrome (the one doctor noticed) and the other one has a developmental disability - not a some form of schizophrenia as was previously thought.

When I asked how it was possible that no-one understood that they had a wrong diagnosis, thing friend explained that doctors are very reluctant to question other doctors’ diagnosis.

In the case of the one with the developmental disability my friend said that they started to suspect that something was off with that patients diagnosis because the patient behaved like a 5-year-old. My friend mentioned that to the others and soon after that they decided to stop the medication for other health reasons.

My friend has also mentioned multiple times how their patients smell bad. It wasn’t until now that I realized it might be caused by the drugs the patients add given (my friend has worked at a closed ward).

The moral of this story is that psychiatric medication can literally make you insane and behave in ways you wouldn’t normally behave. I know it’s not unheard that some psychiatric medications can increase s** drive and aggression while others can lower inhibition.

That guy worked with Britney for 8 months and he said that she was normal until she was given meds. If she would have behaved the way that man claimed all that time, wouldn’t he have left earlier? Maybe they changed her meds towards the end of his time there and that’s when she perhaps misbehaved.

If we assume that he has always told the truth, it is possible that it’s that kind of behavior Vivian was referring when she talked about Rosengart reading her files and coming to the same page.

I don’t think it’s out of the question that they gave Britney periodically meds that made her crazy to punish her and to get proof that she was insane, so that her psychological evaluations would fail. It’s even possible that when Ingham said that she was like a comatose patient, she has been heavily drugged before their meeting.

I’m sure all this will come out – and probably sooner than we think – when Rosengart sues Jamie & co for conservatorship abuse.

Oh this is sooooo unfortunately common and pervasive, not only in mental health, but health in general. Misdiagnosing, wrong medications. Horror stories, really. This whole situation is of course about Britney, but it should also bring attention to all of those who don't have her notoriety. It's rotten to the core. 

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