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A Photo I Posted Was Removed By Jordan Miller Because It Featured A Woman Who Had Cellulite

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In response to the thread above, I posted telling the creator that, yes, "flops" are supported in Exhale because Jordan mainpages Camila Cabello (yes I do not like Camila's singing voice or live performances). I then googled "camila cabello july 2021" and one of the first images was her in a bikini giving a sour puss face. I used that pic as my reference because she looked angry and her hair is messy AF.

[image removed again because of copyright] 

I woke up the next day to Jordan telling me I am "body shaming" her and he deleted her photo. I never mentioned her weight in my post. We all know Jordan works out a lot and is attractive, but by him removing an image of Camila with cellulite perpetuated the stigma of any man or woman who do not have a six-pack like he has, are ashamed of our bodies.


Camila came out in support of NORMALIZING body-types like hers " curves, cellulite, fat". B Army holds a lot of people accountable for less than desirable behavior and I'm calling Jordan out. Like I said in my response post you ignored, we all don't have thirst trap bodies like you.

Camila is literally asking us to normalize her body type and you then delete HER PHOTO. Be better! Just how you grew from your misogynistic ways by calling Paris and Lindsay "bÏtches" in 2009.



I still can't stand a betch but I agree with her body image stance. We are all worthy of life and love! 

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