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Will Cassie Petrey and Crowdsurf quit from Managing Britney’s Instagram?

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Everybody quit, including Lou Taylor whom she owed her career for. Like, if she leave she can have a quieter life like Bessemer Trust or Larry Rudolph. What makes her stay tho? It’s not like Britney can’t manage her own account. Besides, Britney is not doing any paid promotion these days and she only want to get her life back from the abuse. 

What do you folks think?

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you guys are over exaggerating the crowd fire thing :orangu_orangutan_ape: most celebrities post on their instagram through other companies like crowdfire and i’m sure if britney had a problem with it she would’ve spoke about it in court or sam would’ve said something

britney sends the posts and then they post it that’s it there’s nothing more to it 

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Britney will likely continue to have a social media manager. It's super common for celebs. What she needs is someone who will help her strategize and up the quality of her content. Cassie is amateur hour. If she quits, it's going to be because she's scared of the wrath of fans, but I think Britney will cut her and get a pro once she's got control again.

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