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Why did the rumor that she was crazy start anyway ?

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No. Delete this thread. Let’s not talk backwards.

She clearly doesn’t like to talk about that and the only time we do should be once she’s spoke about it after doing a sit down interview and being ok with the world talking about it again. Give her some respect. 

nobody show any pictures or speak of anything. Cbs No GIF by HULU

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i dont think she was ever crazy i think she was just extremely successful and she kept getting more successful and then people stopped liking her cause she had it all, and some people cant deal with that and then they started dragging her.. thats it.

you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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In 1999 she released a single called (You Drive Me) Crazy


jk, no, there's no "rumor", that was just judgemental people's only explanation to a woman behaving differently then whatever society expected her to be/do/act/sound/look

Apparently you can't speak in British accent, or walk barefoot or don't look anything but perfect if you're in the entertainment business, even less shave your head.


But as someone said, it's irrelevant to bring this topic up, @Steel Magnolia and others have already summarized the timeline of events leading to her conservatorship, and there's been multiple documentaries talking about it too, so you should check that.

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People back in the day had no compassion for pop artists. Especially pop girls like Britney. She was the biggest star in the world, but also constantly called a sl**, talentless, ***** by the media, and a lot of people had a hard on for hating on her. So seeing her fall was like the best ******* to those people. Finally this “perfect” girl is not so perfect after all.  Instead of trying to help and see what really is happening to her, why is she acting out, is there some of type of mental issue she is going through, it was easier to just call her crazy, and laugh and mock her. 

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Cause that idea was selling good..

there was so many lies on internet even in national tv journalists said things like “Britney ratios 666 on her head and was running saying “I’m Satan”” 

Poor girl : ( world mistreated her so much.. 

p.s. I strongly believe that Britney was set up to and in controlling thing like c-ship

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Can we not with this topic? I feel like it’s been discussed to the bone a million times. There was also a documentary which recently came out that literally highlighted the topic of her ‘hate’. Like do you live under a rock you Amish degenerate? In actuality though, the OP is known to seek attention like this but let me tell you that we are tired ma’am. Also, literally no one cares that you’re a part of Gen Z or that you’ve been ‘21’ for 2 years now. No, it isn’t the personality trait you think it is. Like how many times do you have to bring it up when the reality is we don’t care. 

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The Lindsays, Paris’s and Nicole’s made it out ok with all the partying they were doing and all the arrests (DUIs). :bparty_piece_of_me_pom_britney_clubbing_blackout_2007_dancing_dance:

People labeled Britney crazy when she shaved her head. Peridot. People can not fathom a beautiful woman lose her hair apparently. :wigsnatched_point_you_wow_yes_yas:

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