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Britney photo edit

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You have a lot of freetime :receipts2_britney_um_browsing_browse:


I think it’s wrong to edit her face , all her life she’s been a product, a Barbie…she’s not even naturally blonde or even light brown she has chestnut brown hair ! I’m just saying if Britney wants to gain 90 pounds and have messy hair, she has that right! She shouldn’t have to be forced to get nose jobs, lip fillers and extreme diets by her own father and definitely not by her fans 


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51 minutes ago, nthenwkiss said:

these are just for fun edits - dont think the OP means any harm. some are fun to look at, this was a fun tread. we all love britney however she looks and we all know that.

Of course, but some of us are rightfully pointing out that its still holding her to some standard and disparaging her looks. Her hair and makeup cam be a mess, sure, but editing her skin and face to "better" her is ... tone deaf 

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