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Jamie Lynn Spears: "Britney is really struggling... it's going to get worse"

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3 minutes ago, PZHSB said:

I love how Britney magically is allowed to

drive now and is now allowed to “post” her grievances on social media. This is Jamie and Vivian controlling the narrative again. 

This isn’t the first time she’s driving “by herself”. It happened in 2019 too. 

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13 minutes ago, PZHSB said:

Yep. They want Britney to appear as angry and unstable as they possibly can to justify the past 13 years of abuse. This family is sick and calculated. 

13:32 - 13:45 Britney herself predicts what their strategy is probably gonna look like going forward. That's exactly what I expect from them, JL included.

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I was wondering if something like this would happen. Jamie Lynn saying Britney needs help…they are trying to create a narrative that Britney is unhinged.

She DMd a fan. Why would Jamie Lynn DM a fan? Talk about family drama to A FAN? Don’t fall for this bull**** guys

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Hey, Jamie Lynn - Where was your support while Britney was locked away in a mental facility against her will for a “made-up program”?

Answer: Destin, Florida… at Britney’s condo!

You can’t run away from what you’ve helped perpetuate. Sucks when Britney is no longer silenced by Ingham and y’all, huh?

Sound familiar?
Mean He-Man GIF

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8 minutes ago, Applejack said:

she sounds like someone who attributes every little sign of emotion to mental illness and "struggles"

I remember JL liking that Halsey post talking about struggling with mental illness and JL was like "you have no idea how hard it is to have someone with mental illness in the family" and I think this paints a good picture of what it's like

Gaslighting at its best too. “They tried to make me feel crazy and I’m not.” This family makes me sick

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‼️⚠️ I can believe that Jamie Lynn sent this to her. The young woman who runs that acct is a long time JL fan who’s also named Jamie Lynn. She’s had a lot of mental health, self harm and deeply troubling family issues herself. It has been said that Jamie Lynn the fan hacked into Jamie Lynn’s email or smth when Maddie was a baby and stole some photos. She fought with other former Jamie Lynn fans in the past! She’s very possessive and obsessed with Jamie Lynn for some strange was reason.🥴

She used to ALWAYS post things to get Jamie Lynn’s attention. JL likes her posts all the time. She “won” a contest in which JL sent her a free pizza.😑She’s already said she has no comment on the current situation and is supporting both of the sisters. 

I call bull****!!! She just wants to maintain any kind of access and relationship to Jamie Lynn any way she can. Jamie Lynn knows that this young woman has some emotional trauma of her own and now she’s using this girl to sway others to believe that Britney is not ok. The manipulation tactics continue!! Jamie Lynn is ******ic as a mother fuucckkkaa!! 

*edit* Ask @chizwhizyall!! Also read back through JamieLynnSpearsFan’s past post. Depression. Anger. Suicidal ideation. Family abuse. I hope this girl is okay now but she should not let JL use her!! Too bad she can’t see through JL’s manipulative ways. 
Also wasn’t JL just as a softball game literally yesterday?? Bull **** that she was at Britney’s house. JAMIE LYNN IS A LIAR!!

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Britney doesn’t want help from her family anymore.  What does JL expect?  She’s, literally, being eviscerated by the public, so now she wants to help?  It wouldn’t shock me if this “fan” account was actually her.  Britney has Sam and Rosengart and his team of highly-skilled and amazing attorneys.  She doesn’t need the backwoods Spears family support.

Jamie Lynne, if you’re reading this, how about you start by publicly denouncing that scum-sucking old hag Lou, whom I’m sure you’re aware your sister LOATHES (and there’s gotta be a solid reason).  Then we can talk about you starting to actually support your sister.  But until then, keep sucking Lou’s nips. 

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