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you tube turned to ****

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Ad blocking software is an easy way to get around the Youtube ad problem; I personally didn't start using that until recently when I noticed that Youtube was getting way too comfortable with double ads. 

I also really hate how comments are disabled on all videos that are supposedly aimed at children. It's not a big problem on its own, but for some reason they've blocked the comment section of many video clips from adult shows like The Simpsons and The Boondocks just to name a few. I guess they're stupid enough to think that all cartoons = children shows?

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I agree absolutely , also , they deleted tons of videos I Uploaded there privately probably because they weren't cool enough for them , frankly I was just using it as a cloud but still I never violated their rules and they just deleted my channel and never explained why really, I learned to never trust them anymore .... I still love watching videos on YouTube tho ..... 

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12 hours ago, Brat said:

How is tik tok ruining society? :squintney_britney_confused_huh_what_umm_ok_glory:

It is all about the data. All the data went to the US in the past. It's unproblematic if it's a western country, but would you trust China? My answer is: No. 

To the app: very dangerous challenges. 


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i like to think all the wrong type of people are successful on youtube because ****ty people get views. toxic genres like mukbang and Beauty are what is wrong with the world. it is all about the great dollar. There is still great content on Youtube however. The one thing people dont really say is how to find it, since youtube kinda pushes the money makers. I mean James charles is still on Youtube WTF?!  that whole side of youtbe should be burnt.

The information and documentary genre of youtube is great still but some have 30 ads every 5 minutes. Then theres politics that have infiltrated into every corner of youtube. Now every channel has a podcast that has us hating people or maing fun of people for money. I still tune into these to hate watch lol.


Moral of the story? enage with smaller youtubers and help them grow. like comment and subscribe to good people on that platform

even if you hate someone dislikes still get them money becuaes of engagement. so, ignore those people lol.


I should make a youtbe channel about breatheing, but everyone would dislike and tell me im not doing it right lol.

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I agree, its become too commercialized.

I think once Youtube sold out to Google, THATS when things changed.

You're right though about how ridiculous the amount of ads are in just one video.

I've one time had 10 commercials in just a 3-5 min VIDEO!


I was 12 when Youtube came out and I remember how the original format was

u can "befriend" the channel you want to subscribe to and also videos had star ratings

instead of like/dislike buttons.

It wasnt as censored as it is now, now u literally have to walk on eggshells when it comes to posting vids.

It was also more accessible to ANY type of internet software (whereas now u can only access it on google)

It just seemed alot more down to earth and I miss that feeling it used to have.

However the one thing im GLAD stopped when YT changed was the prank videos

in which they put a clickbait title but jump scare you when you click it.

I remember HATING that so fkn much!

Sorry for talking alot, just had alot to say about Youtube

Im so glad there arent channels like that anymore.

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