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"Hold Me Closer" is rumored to arrive on August 19th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

Should we stream her music?

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Okay, before jumping and start saying we will not support team CON hear me out - Britney has hired a new lawyer so another dent is coming her way should we not stream her music to give her some support? 

Her streams on Spotify has significantly increased so GP is certainly listening at least her Blackout and old classics -  thoughts? 

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I think we should still stream if you wanna stream and  enjoy it. Her streaming numbers are huge right now, that’s part of keeping her legacy alive.

A lot of people are also coming out from under a lot of hurt from past year, and they love a good success story. Britney is the face of preserving in the face of high adversity. Her music is symbolic of it. Plus, I guess most of her streaming revenue goes towards RCA and publishing rights to the writers and producers.  🤷‍♂️ 

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8 hours ago, Matou said:

I never understand these streaming parties ... Britney is not a stream artist. What the point ? index4fee06774b8738a2.gif

Haha, not a party + she's has more than 800 million spotify stream in 2021 alone so I am pretty sure shell be doing more than 1.5B this year higher than her most years! 

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