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I really think Jamie Lynn was behind Britney instagram

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6 minutes ago, Kevney said:

"i wish i was as smart as you at 30"


JLOu did have the intelligence to tell Brinny she should choose her own lawyer after all. Whoever would of thought of that? Such an innovator thinker and a Queen of legal advise 


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52 minutes ago, Antidote said:

I mean, the audacity of these (april of this year) whe her sister was suffering at home



And of course she asked for a featuring on "Britney Jean" but Britney refused so they call Myah marie (chilling with you)

OMG Britney did record the song with Jamie Lynn but her vocals were dubbed over by Myah Marie. Her naturally deep voice was out of tune with the tone that they were gearing towards.

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I actually wouldn't be surprised if JL had a hand in writing some of those captions. Britney just doesn't strike me as someone that overuses emojis like that.

Let's say the texts Jodi shared are actually Britney's. The typing patterns were very different from what we see on IG. Most notably, "you" became "u" and "your" was "ur" and while I wouldn't expect her to use emojis in a conversation with Jodi, the punctuation was different too. None of the weird spaces or ellipses or over use of punctuation marks. In fact, there wasn't any at all.

And hell, let's even say Sam Lutfi's texts from Britney are real (probably not but go with me). Those are actually closer in style to what Jodi shared than the way Britney types on IG. Do people really change the way they type and express themselves between IG and text? I don't.

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