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Tired of this being viewed as a “national sport”

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I don’t like that the whole world is literally watching now…things are feeling very 2007 with the media. So many reports are coming out and news reports that documenting everything she say in court, Matt gaetz trying to use the freeBritney movement to clean his name up… “America is gonna get you out”.. America put her in this… and your ******* disgusting Matt…of course an alleged child s** trafficker would love this case…

let’s thanks the rolling stone for breaking the silence on how the Republican Party has no interest in freeing Britney accept for political gain. 

Why is everyone still trying to milk all she has.


But while everyone is watching, even the fbi has to be watching Britney is still having to beg for her freedom through tearful testimony to a corrupt judge, instead of the plug being pulled right then and there (which can happen, Britney doesn’t need a lawyer for it to end) 

I saw a lawyer/reporter say yesterday: Britney isn’t doing a good job presenting her case to the judge, it’s very all over the place. Her legal counsel should be helping her with this….

it’s just really tone deaf to even compare this situation to an average case….

I even saw some freeBritney activist yesterday say they love that Britney is validating the movement now and she’s so happy to feel validated…like what Britney isn’t doing this to make anyone of us happy…

And it really disgust me that I’m noticing a lot of the gp doesn’t actually care…there just very invested in the story/drama, not Britney Spears 


Sam asghari recent Instagram post rubbed me wrong, he seems really into himself and overly joyful when the cameras in his face… he’s a bad actor tho in my opinion when he speaks to what seems like staged pap videos… He seems to really love the attention tbh and I feel like with him knowing brits freedom is pending that he is about to be even huger and have access to a lot more money if they actually get married or have a kid


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Silly moo. 

We tried for years to make the public to be aware of what is happening. That's how we are where we are now. It's not a sport, most people are literally appalled and can't believe this is happening. Many people still only remember "2007 Britney". Now everyone finally has the real portrait. It ain't pretty, as our combined efforts have helped #FREEBRITNEY

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56 minutes ago, Sea flower said:

Yes i understand what you mean, however the public opinion is on Britney's side now compared to 2007, which is something good. Millions of people are rooting for her.

I agree I love that people are rooting for her just don’t want to see her being used in the process 

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