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The Sun: Britney Spears collapsed with exhaustion in 2007 after being plied with prescription drugs by her management, her former friend claims

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1 minute ago, derriereondisplay said:


Sorry, i just copied the headline of The Sun article. Put 2007 on it to not make any confusion.

Thanks bc this and the first sentence "SINGER Britney Spears collapsed from a suspected overdose after being plied with prescription drugs by her management, her former pal claimed last night. " I was near to cry :anxiety_pill_struggle_panic_ahh_bottle_Wendy_williams_shake_shaking:

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God Bless this guy. what a true friend.

But I don't understand this part:


Sean said: “It was crazy. They took away her credit cards, her phone went, she wasn’t even given the access code to her own house.
“All she had financially — and this is long before the s*** hit the fan, this is before the head shaving incident — all she had was a piece of paper with one credit card number on to pay for things.

“But she didn’t actually have the card in her hands. It was a black Amex which was assigned to her manager’s business. So we would be left with bills for things that we couldn’t really afford.

how did she not physically have her own credit cards if this was around the time of the head shaving incident which is also way before the conservatorship? who took them?

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3 minutes ago, Slave4Brit88 said:

Annoys me that they mess up the timeline and say she got put into c-ship after the first 5150 which is wrong. It’s extremely important to note she was released after being deemed not a risk to herself or others and then three weeks later the planned 5150 operation happened. So many times this is left out of the story and it’s so crucial it really infuriates me. Is it lazy reporting or deliberate?

You said it all. And Britney's timeline is already so confusing cause we don't know all the details...

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We're definitely in the same boat thinking she's still alive because of her kids.

And I must say I'm glad he mentioned that Britney was asking about how much things costs. That sounds like something a responsible adult would do instead of hand waving and saying "Who cares how much it costs! Let's have some fun!" 

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