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Not Britney being the modern day Ariel

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58 minutes ago, Antidote said:

She's more like cinderella to me, I mean Lynne, Jamie lynn..

Brit is a mix of different princesses:mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm:

Belle:The beauty and intelligence. And Britney also liked to read books.

Jasmine:Has never been outside the castle walls.Her father protected her very much.But she is a free spirit.

Cinderella:She lives in the dirt and has to work hard and her stepsisters have the most beautiful life. Cinderella goes to the ball and then she has to sleep and clean in the dirt again.  Britney goes on stage and is locked up at home again.

Arielle:An evil witch put her in and stole her voice. Britney also didn't become famous with her real voice.

Rapunzel:Was also imprisoned in the tower.The evil witch has kidnapped her because she remains young by her magical hair.From Britney ́ ́s money they can also pay beauty op, expensive cosmetics to look good.If this is omitted, you will then look like the usual age


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1 hour ago, Cinderella85 said:

No, Triton doesn't fit. He was strict with Ariel.But in the end she was released because he saw how much she suffered and wished for a different life.He knew they would hardly have any contact and see each other, but he did it because he loved her more than anything else.

Who knows. Maybe it will happen with the next court hearing. he's serving bipolar so he might change his mind. Anyway, this was my interpretation. Not everything has to be identical

Also, it could be interpreted as Trident freeing Ariel in body only because Ariel was the one who actually went out of the way, throwing herself the sea knowing she couldn't swim only to find her friends guiding her to the ship where her voice was given back to her. The defiance Britney showed when she refused to do a dance move could be interpreted as her throwing herself out there and the rehab could represent the sea in TLM. The support of her fans the past two years she could represent the help Ariel received from her friends and the hearing could represent Ursula's necklace finally breaking giving Ariel her voice back which Britney got when her statement was released to the public. My mind! So basically the scene where scuttle and Ariel's friends crash the wedding is us fans.

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