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Don’t forget Jason Trawick too!

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I have a THEORY that Britney becoming engaged to Jason and him being put on as a co-conservator was as an attempt to get the entire thing terminated, but it obviously didn’t work out. 
He was already a member of her working team and thus approved by Team Con, but I recall a leaked email or something from back before this time where Britney was talking about how she knew Jason had feelings for her but she only liked him as a friend.

I think it’s possible that Britney may have seen an opportunity there. Her family wants her in the conservatorship, so she marries someone they approve of and who joins as co-conservator. But if she has a husband to help her manage her affairs then she definitely doesn’t need to have a parent infringing upon her freewill. I think she thought there would be a loophole that having a husband as conservator would relinquish Jamie’s leverage for control - like, Jamie would automatically be removed and then Jason would immediately file to terminate. 

So I surmise that once she maybe found out that her plan wouldn’t hold up in court, she removed herself from the relationship. And Jason was in on her plan but agreed with the breakup because while he was in the relationship for real feelings, Britney was mostly in the relationship as a planned exit strategy from the conservatorship. 

That being said - and especially if my theory is correct - I do wonder why Jason hasn’t become super vocal about what he may know of the corruption involved. But it’s not impossible that he just wants to stay out if it because it was a difficult time in his own life and he’s moved on. He has every right to take care of himself first. 

Sorry to ramble. I’ve just always held Jason on the positive benefit of the doubt. I think it’s clear that because of the conservatorship - let alone already her being so famous - everybody directly involved in her life gets put through the ringer one way or the other.

I cannot wait for her to achieve living peace!! It really resonates with me how Britney said in court on the 14th that she wants Jodi’s help in building up her confidence to get back into the real world because she was been so cut off from everything. 

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14 minutes ago, phareezy said:

This. He made it all the way to co-conservator and then they broke up. I remember thinking at the time how weird that was and no one talked about it. Her fiance was going to control her life and people were just cool with that??? Man, was the media different 10 years ago. No way a headline like that could get posted without a bunch of red flags getting raised.

I always felt like he was a hired on babysitter & that was confirmed when he was set to be co-conservator. I remember reading a theory/rumor that the whole engagement thing was pretty much just a cover up so that the whole thing was deemed less creepy. 

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9 minutes ago, Danielle1987 said:

I always felt like he was a hired on babysitter & that was confirmed when he was set to be co-conservator. I remember reading a theory/rumor that the whole engagement thing was pretty much just a cover up so that the whole thing was deemed less creepy. 

I hope Britney talks about this at some point because I'm dying to know the truth.

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3 minutes ago, Cherry Bomb said:

In an interview Ronan did, he mentions Britney was in a abusive relationship and her boyfriend made his way into the conservatorship. It adds up with the rumors that Jason went physical with Britney. I don't get why there isn't more hate towards him.

This. He always rubbed me the wrong way. 

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I just wanna post some pix of them together. I feel certain things energetically from them 







But I feel like the dynamic was completely different (& kinda cute) in the beginning. Something turned nefarious.






& yeah, I get it, they’re just pictures & they can be taken at a “wrong” moment, etc. there’s just something up energetically, I feel. 

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