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Sam Asghari: I'm always going to support her in whatever she wants. I'm happy for her. If she's happy, I'm happy. Free Britney!"

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48 minutes ago, ExXL said:

I don't hate him, but he's projecting some type of fake energy , I don't know if he would be with Britney if she wasn't Britney spears , but I could be wrong, I just hope his intentions are genuine and that Britney is happy.... 

I think in a lot of ways he’s built her up. The whole “I wasn’t good I was great” isn’t a confidence Britney normally has. It seems like Sam has reminded her who she really is and I appreciate him for that.

After everything that’s happened to Britney we are all very protective of her and suspicious of everyone around her. I have my own suspicions with Sam but I just hope and pray she gets her own freedom and she can make that choice for herself whether she feels Sam’s intentions are real and she’s happy or if she prefers to go her own separate way. 

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13 minutes ago, Persona said:

The thing is. Maybe he's vain, maybe she doesn't care. What you look for in a boyfriend? Perhaps not the same things she looks for. If he turns out to be bad, she'll find that out on her own, it's her right to make bad choices. She feels safe with him and that's all I need to know. Everything else is none of my business. Did you guys spend the last 5-6 years as a fly on the wall that you suddenly know who sam is as a person and whether he's good enough for Britney? And don't dare compare him to team con because we have actual evidence that they're monsters, we know what they've done. Everything you say about Sam is either straight up fantasy to fill in the blanks in whatever way you like or rude af comments based on his looks or his "personality" that you get from nothing but a few instagram posts and paparazzi videos. This hate train against Sam starts to look a little bit similar to the ways team con judges and cancels out people in Britney's life when they deem them as not good enough. Fight for her safety when it's appropriate and absolutely necessary and back tf off when it's not.

And as if Britney's not vain lol She did countless aesthetic procedures throughout the years even at a young age, and her music talks a lot about hot guys hot body and so on. It's not like we're talking about Lorde or someone alternative like that... Britney very much relates to Sam's lifestyle which isn't a problem at all, those are her choices and we have to respect. 

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He looks really good in the pics.. but why are they twisting Britney’s words? She said he looks like such a dad,, not have a dad bod... but ya... I personally don’t like muscle heads... but her more power to Britney..: and at least this guy does his own thing... and his jobs mainly consist of body training... not like kfed with his rap career... but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.. at one point her and kev were happy together... it was obvious... he just followed the money and temptation... I genuinely believe this guy is a good guy and I trust in Brit..

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So far he’s done much more good than harm! He stayed silent for a little too long but spoken more on her behalf than all her boyfriends (and lawyers and family members and dancers and staff) combined.

I feel he was the driving force to make her fight back! The glitch in conservatorship “matrix”. Let’s be nice!

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1 hour ago, ohoney said:

I think we all should stop putting Britney in a "I am dumb and naive" position. She's a grown woman and even though she's "away" from the social life she already demonstrated that she's smart and strong, and I think at this point we should be aware of that. The person who will know (hopefully) at the end if he's trustful or not is her, but as from now I don't think it's okay or that she thinks is ok to you guys to bash every thing he does or does not. If he speaks there's always someone who bashes him, if he doesn't too, lol this guy can't win. Let's be thankful he's showing support and let Britney and TIME decide if he's genuine, let's stop the hate. Being overprotective of her relationship with him is like thinking of her as a woman who can't think or decide for herself and that is not so different from what she's going through from the cship, let's stop. 


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1 hour ago, Arthurfleck said:

I feel he was the driving force to make her fight back! The glitch in conservatorship “matrix”. Let’s be nice!

Britney was fighting long before Samshe never stopped fighting, actually. And I'm more than sure that the situation with James and her kids made her fight harder than usual. While Sam had already been in her life for a few years before 2019. So...


I'm always on the fence regarding Sam, but I believe Britney. I think her testimony showed us many things, one of which that Britney definitely has a good resistance to undue influence. I mean, she did go rogue and beat team con on all fronts. Nobody expected it. We should give Britney much more credit! She def knows what she is doing.

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