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I need to get something off my chest

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I’ve been a big Britney fan/stan since the very beginning. Saw all her tours, traveled to Las Vegas, London, Berlin etc. to see her (while living in Amsterdam) and even have her face tattooed on my body. I’m checking Exhale/Breatheheavy multiple times a day but never really made threats or comment on things. Since a few weeks I do make some threats and comment on others, because I want to connect with you guys. But after posting some threads with genuine questions I get a lot of flak/hate for my threads. Threads that are in good spirit turn into nasty comments towards me.

Is this really exhale and should I stop posting things and just keep checking the website en comments? Come on guys, can’t we be a bit less nasty towards fellow Britney fans? 

I’m here with good intentions and English isn’t my native language so maybe people don’t really get what I mean but i just want to make friends en talk about our Queen.

Be nice folks ♥️

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