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Loriann Wright saying britney has an 'underlying condition' that made her predisposed to COVID

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The pandemic was hard for everyone. The conservatee had a preexisting condition that made her predisposed to COVID and that's why it was difficult to get her out. And the conservatee didn't get COVID, so the quarantine was successful.

Jodi’s lawyer said Britney Spears’ is mentally ill, which made her susceptible to COVID, and because she never contracted the virus, they called her isolation during the pandemic “successful - Source 

For the record this isn't exactly what/how it was said. Wright said that 1) we are talking about someone with a mental illness and separately said that 2) Britney has an underlying condition which meant that everyone had to be tested for COVID before interacting with her.





What do you guys think about this? I think she should't have exposed britney like this even if we don't know what's the underlying condition 





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3 minutes ago, jwkrusie said:

She smokes.

I hadn't thought of that! could be, altho that doesn't exacly qualifies someone to be predisposed to COVID at least not in my country unless you acually suffer from some illness related to it 

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Just now, Richie said:

I hadn't thought of it! could be, altho that doesn't exacly qualifies someone to be predisposed to COVID at least not in my country unless you acually suffer from some illness related to it 

I smoke and It is considered making someone predisposed to COVID. It was part of the questions they asked you In my state (Washington) to be eligible for the first group to get vaccinated.

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32 minutes ago, Cardiff1992 said:

Can we not with threads about Britney’s health? She’s entitled to privacy and this isn’t for us to deliberate over. 

did you read what I said at the end of the thread? her conservator's lawyer is saying this which no one else did before and I'm saying she shouldn't have said it so openly, showing how little they care about her 

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Where I live asthma, smoking, or even being a former smoker were enough to put you in the first priority group to get the vaccine right along with the elderly.


When the vaccine was still hard to get some people were mad smokers got bumped to the front of the line and non smokers had to wait.

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1 hour ago, Hungry Hun said:

Britney has asthma. 

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can't believe I missed this! this does put her on the prioritized list of people to get vaccinated for sure. Crazy that she does all that dancing too. 


I still find it really controlling that they tested everyone that met with her and that must've isolated her so much more, these people can even make the pandemic work for them 

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This means NOTHING and I say it as someone who works in a care environment.


If for example you have depression, this can make you less likely to take preventive measures such as mask wearing, hand sanitizing, isolation, etc that could potentially expose you to getting covid. In this case her statement is valid, although much more dramatic than what the situation really is.

They're just traying to avoid or lessen the public pressure and take advantage of the fact that britney's medical condition wont be publicly revelead.

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What? Asthma? lmao. COVID has a 99.98% recovery rate so Jodi Montgomery’s lawyer can keep trying with the excuses for Jodi not getting Britney personal care but if anyone is buying these kinds of bs excuses at this point then you still haven’t woken up to what they ALL have done to her. Jodi is no better than Jamie and needs to go. Britney is just asking her to stay on because she’s the lesser of two evils right now and Britney thinks Jodi helped her get the private lawyer even though she didn’t. Jodi doesn’t have that power. She requested a Guardian Ad Litem to choose a lawyer for Britney. Lynne’s lawyers are who have done the real work, but I still don’t trust Lynne as far as I can throw her. Read the Ronan Farrow article, Lynne has helped Jamie every step of the way. She just doesn’t wanna lose her lavish lifestyle and the lavish lifestyle for Bryan, Jamie Lynn and all of JL’s kids since Britney is on a working strike. Only when Lynne’s lawyers start filing for the cship to end will I ever believe her mother has changed one ounce of her selfish self. 

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