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Rethink your assumptions: Yellow Shirt caption was Cassie

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So... This is just a fun hypothetical scenario for you - especially the Cassie haters. I'm posting this because I exchanged comments on this forum with someone who had so much hate towards her for making Britney look bad per team con's instructions, and while I agree with the ethical side of his opinion, I pointed out that ultimately, at the end of the day, she's doing her job. Whether actioning the instructions of her employer aligns with my values or is ethical is an entirely different discussion. The point is: it's her job to do what Britney's team says. Just like it was someone's job to force Britney to take medication, or to strap her into a gurney during the staged intervention. These sorts of "inhumane" actions exist in companies everywhere. 

We all know Britney uploaded her media to something that the social media managers controlled. That means, Cassie took her content, but was in control of the editing ultimately (changing it or keeping what Britney wanted, etc).

SO... Maybe Cassie actually does support Britney. Maybe she thinks that the whole conservatorship is disgusting but she's not going to quit her job because 1) she needs money like all of us and 2) that just means they will employ someone else. So, perhaps she had good intentions and when she saw the yellow shirt fan comment, she pulled a video of Britney in a yellow shirt and specifically changed the caption to highlight the words to alert fans that we were on the right track and to keep up the pressure... 

Otherwise, how would've Britney seen that comment since she didn't have access to the app. (Other scenario is Sam did, and told her to do a video in a yellow shirt, but unlikely he's on Instagram 24/7 reading her comments)

YOU NEVER KNOW. Just some devil's advocate attempts on here to make you think. ;)

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I thought about it when the first #freebritney hashtag was made in her last post. That's strange ... 1) Britney has taken back the control of her social platforms 2) Cassie say **** you to TeamCon.

I understand ppl keep the job because of money. Personnaly I can't work when injustice is in the air ... I prefer to be jobless :imok_goo_ooze_yellow_slime_mess_blonde:

btw you're hot



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I did always get the general impression that Cassie was a a fan (before the job). She seems to have always been a fan of the big pop acts of the 90s/2000s so I don't feel it's totally out of the realm of possibility 

But even if she was a double agent of sorts, some of the things posted Re just straight off

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22 minutes ago, mauureee said:

Nah. You can't say that and justify all of these people who just did harm to a vulnerable person.

Yeah I can... That's why it's called critical thinking. And as I prefaced the post with, "justification", or more correctly, your morals and ethics are an entirely different point and conversation than the topic of someone in simple terms, as a judge would look at things impartially and black and white was just fulfilling the duties required to be paid for her job.

I completely agree with you and don't condone anyone that participated in this conservatorship's ongoing nature or pertaining to the images and narrative about Britney. But your feelings doesn't change the fact that it's her job.

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3 hours ago, FlexAroundTheWorld said:


I completely agree with you and don't condone anyone that participated in this conservatorship's ongoing nature or pertaining to the images and narrative about Britney. But your feelings doesn't change the fact that it's her job.

If anything, it’s unethical for Cassie to use her expertise in social media to repress Britney’s voice. Especially speeding up Britney’s video to make her look and sound unhinged. That’s uncalled for and she need to re-evaluate her career if she know this is bad and keep on doing it. 

Same thing can be said for other profession, say lawyers, doctors, or accountant. They can lie and made things appear differently than what they truly are. But is it an ethical choice? Will there be consequences for that? It’s not just about the money but Cassie’s integrity as a professional. And for this case, we can say she have none. 

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