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Variety Article regarding the hearing

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Spears confirmed to the judge that she selected Rosengart as her own lawyer, and also stated that she wants her temporary conservator of her person, Jodi Montgomery, to remain on her case. Montgomery’s lawyer categorized Spears’ testimony as “heartbreaking,” and told the singer, “We’re here to help.”

LMAO you've got years to help her and did nothing. And now, you say you're heartbroken? :umwtf_britney_wth_um_wow_eyes_big_okay:

Are you f#%king kidding me? You'd better check with a doctor whether you got dementia or not, and if you had it, please go to see your sincere friends, Jamie and Lou and asked them to be your conservator. They will take a good care of you for the rest of your f@#king life.

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18 minutes ago, ElenaB said:

it’s not the full transcript :sobbing_unbelievable_wow_head_shake_no_crying_sobbing_sad: i need it, who didn’t anyone publish it yet? was it forbidden or something?

There is probably going to be a transcript from the court reporter. Whether that becomes public is yet to be seen.

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