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Jamie Lynn Spears: "Dear Lord, can we stop this bull **** once and for all. Amen"

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27 minutes ago, dora pora said:

Jamie Lynn is such a disappointment. Britney was such a great older sister to her and JL just grew up to be a *****. Britney thought she could trust her... what a disappointment..

Right! I think once her music career didn't go anywhere she realized she was pretty much done in Hollywood. She had to rely on her sister to live a comfortable life. Once Britney stopped working, her allowance was significantly reduced. 




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Ooooook honey you think we are just going to be over??

this won’t be over for you…the whole world is watching you embezzle funds from your sister like a contemptuous jealous sister standing in the wings.

I hope this is career ending for you JLS. But what career really? Zoey 101 produced by convicted pedos?

quit pretending like you care about Britney. Horrible acting. 


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14 minutes ago, samwoods321 said:

OK she must be mental, she even has one of britneys signature lines on her accounts "are you ready".


Ok not to defend JL but the "are you ready" is actually her thing as it comes from Zoey 101

There's plenty of other things to drag JL for

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4 hours ago, G-unit said:

If her dumb *** had ANY sense, she would de-activate social media, finish whatever stupid show she’s on, and be a normal non-attention-seeking psychopath.  But she’s dumb.  Like someone else said, if she was as innocent as she claims, she would have issues a REAL statement regarding HER truth.  But Britney didn’t exclude her…so there’s definitely beef and JL has blood all over her hands.  Screw her and her holier than thou attitude.

if Lynne wants to get a little respect, all she needs to do is comment on one of JL’s posts “honestly, stfu you are insufferable at this point 🙄


Sociopath. She hasn't successfully killed anyone yet - you know, cause she's too dimwitted for any of her attempts to have been successful. 

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I used to try and give her the benefit of the doubt because she's Britney's much younger sister and obviously they didn't grow up the same. JL pretty much only remembers growing up with money and being able to travel the world with her older popstar sister. And then when Britney cut off her family in 2007, JL was making her own money. And seeing as she is the baby of the family, I thought maybe she was just being strung along some narrative from her family which she believed and so didn't see anything wrong with the conservatorship. BUT.. NOW... she just doesn't SHUT UP and keeps opening her mouth with stupid ******* opinions that are ALL ABOUT HER and not really about the wellbeing of her SISTER. She is showing that she clearly cares more about HERSELF and the rest of her family being able to go on FREE vacations on Britney's dime, than her own sisters MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING. Maybe she still believes what is being fed to her about the conservatorship "saving Britney's life" and being a "good thing"... but as someone who works in the mental health and addiction field, I can tell you that while it MAY have saved her life.. being in it for this LONG and with such harsh RESTRICTIONS and clearly very little REHABILITATION, Britney is correct when she says she feels like they were trying to kill her. Because that is likely EXACTLY how she feels. They were TRYING to keep her SICK!!! And when she said that she wants to work with Jodi to regain her confidence so she can get back out into the world... THAT.. tells me that she is competent and has the capacity to recognize that she still has work to do, but she wants to do it so she can get better. And if team CON hadn't kept her sick, this work could have been DONE YEARS AGO!!!!

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