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The controversial topic (addressing the instagram, Sam's, Lynne's and other theories)

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I've decided to make this topic to address some controversial topics in the famdom


The "Britney does not post in her instagram" theory. A lot of this theory seems to come from the fact that Britney would be making light of her situation in her posts. 

But imo it could be that Britney is actually adopting what is know as cognitive behavirour therapy, where she chooses to see the positive and make light of some situations so she can heal. 

Remember in FTR when she said that when she's having a bad day she chooses to change things around and say to herself she'll have a good day. Or in the Dateline interview where she said she thinks everything happens for a reason and her struggles make her stronger. Even in her hearing she said "fake it until you make it"

This mindset is what helped Britney persevere despite everything she went through and is actually in line with what cognitive behaviour therapy teaches. Of course this doesn't mean you should ignore and not address your issues as that would only make them worse, but we don't know how it is for her to deal with her inner turmoils so we shouldn't judge if it's her making those posts.

Also, it would be very stupid for her team to post things without her consent when there is so much scrutiny over the case. I do think  that they might make alterations to make her seem unwell, like speeding up and editing videos...



WIth regards to Sam, the main argument to accuse him of being part of team Con is that he had to be approved by team con in order for Britney to date him back in 2016. 

But first of all, they have met in the set of Slumber Party so I doubt they even expected they would start dating, second I'm sure they ran a background check on him when they started dating, but passing a background check doesn't mean he was beloved by team con. 

And yes she did date other men in 2016, remember the 2016 interview in UK? 

When Sam frst started dating her everything was probably very knew and he didn't even know what a conservatorship was and why it was in place. And it was with him by her side that he started fighting it, so chill the **** down.


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Interesting, maybe it's a mix of all. I think your theory make sense but not recently imo (fake it until you make it). It appears she "makes it" in recent years. For me she sends things to her team with captions but after that she has no control on what is post. They can edit what they want (speed, songs, lights ...) & make her looks weird and justify the cship. Speculations but I'm waiting for her to tell more truths.

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9 minutes ago, epskilonme said:

I dont think thats right, every move she makes is being watched and yet you say she has access in instagram? haha

She sends content to a company that handles it so it’s like a lottery if they will use it or tweak it based on clients wishes which I bet is her father so if she sends a middle finger selfie, it might not get posted. Either way she always is a positive person and have always seen the bright side of things even before all of this. 

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6 hours ago, DJBringItBack said:

So you believe she willingly recorded a video saying she burnt down her gym? Seriously? This topic is created here every single day by a different idiot forgive me but this conversation was tired 2 years ago let it go. 

Kween of burning gyms down :haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:



Why not, it's a funny as hell story.

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