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I made a #FREEBritney Anthem as an MP3 and video

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Hey guys,


I got really inspired after all the love I got for my live Britney DJ mix that went viral on Tiktok. So I decided to take it next level by mixing it with Stronger. I then found some cool footage and pics inspired by the Free Britney movement and put together a video breaking down what she's been through. We put our hearts and souls into this! So I thought I'd share all the video and audio files with yall to use as today is a big day and we need to spread the word! There will be a 1 minute version on Tiktok that I will be adding in a few hours so yall can duet and stitch it so we can blanket Tiktok with our girl. Free Britney!


You can get all the video and MP3 files by clicking this link https://bit.ly/FreeBritneyradios


feel free to post the videos on social media and please tag us on IG @KnowleDJ1  @1PCoK and TT @KnowleDJ @1Pcok






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